Stichting Artsen Covid Collectief – Netherlands

Stichting Artsen Covid Collectief is an independent, non-profit organization of physicians and medical professionals, including general practitioners, medical specialists, geriatric specialists, and physicians Society and Health. In our work in hospitals, general practices and institutions, we are involved on a daily basis in patient care, to which we have been committed with heart and soul for many years.

In the foundation, we assume the right to self-determination and the preservation of physical integrity as fundamental values. These serve as guiding principles in all our activities.
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Reasonable Doubt: WHO? – Pandemic? – Vaccines? – New Normal? – WHY? – ENOUGH!

The foundation Artsen Covid Collectief consists of a growing, active group of doctors who are concerned about the current policy around Corona. During the corona crisis we have been in an ethical conflict by seeing the damage done by the well-meaning corona measures. That is what worries us. Within the doctor’s oath, the promotion of health and the prevention of damage are paramount. Health is more than fighting and preventing a viral infection. As doctors we have a responsibility to all people from our moral compass, with a common goal: a balanced care policy for all Dutch people based on trust in their own health and self-regulation.

The many reactions to last June’s letter of fire have strengthened our mission to empower citizens, stimulate healthy behavior and make transparent and well-considered changes to the current COVID-19 policy. We want to contribute to an open debate and to well-founded measures that stimulate health and minimize collateral damage.

In order to better streamline this initiative and to increase our influence, we have founded the Covid Collective Foundation.

With this we hope to offer people perspective and to go from fear to trust.

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Posted on 23/12/2020

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