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Really? Reasonable doubt

Reasonable Doubt
WHO?Pandemic?Vaccines?New Normal? – WHY?ENOUGH!Freedom♥

(unfortunately our video channels have been censored several times, working on recovery)

The news from MSM, the main stream corporate media like tv, radio, newspapers, Google/YT, FB/WA/IG and Twitter do only accept, allow and show just one view, incessantly and repeatedly:

  1. There is a new virus called SARS-CoV-2 that caused the Covid-19 ‘pandemic‘, declared as such by the WHO
  2. There is only one solution for humanity and that is to vaccinate all people in the world. The pharmaceutical industry jumped into a international race to produce and sell this vaccine as soon as possible.
  3. Until then all of humanity has to live under a “New Normal“.
  4. WHY is this the only accepted “truth” and WHY so much commotion?

What’s Eur Opinion? – polls

There are a large number of divergent voices, yet there are no televised open debates, nor are there headlines in the newspapers. This lack of openness and transparency offers a limited tunnel vision, which does not allow for the full spectrum to be seen. At least not through the channels where the information is brought to you. To be able to see a wider spectrum you have to go and look for it yourself. Once you discover, that a lot of divergent information indeed exists, doubt arises. Reasonable doubt.

Here we can only give you some first indications so that you can take the course and investigate on your own, if you so decide.

  • WHO? (8+ videos)
    WHO is the highest international authority for health in the world. Countries and governments essentially have to follow their recommandations. Most countries of the world went into lockdown (plus masks, social distancing) and are now hurrying to find a vaccine because the WHO declared the Pandemic for the Covid-19 on 11 march 2020.
    According to Dr. Germán Velazques and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg commercial profit greatly influenced WHO’s decision in 2009. Now, 11 years later, those private commercial interests only have increased, exponentially!
  • Pandemic? (7+ videos)
    WHO was wrong in declaring the N1H1 ‘pandemic’ in 2009. Couldn’t they be wrong about the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ in 2020? Many Medical Doctors opposed back then but they were not listened to. Now WHO declared pandemic for the second time and again, many Medical Doctors oppose to it. Now they are even more aggressively silenced, censored,  totally disqualified and even put in jail.
  • Vaccines? (8+ videos)
    The pharmaceutical industry is the most influential (read: paying) lobby in the US and it has aggressively pushed vaccine-use within its own borders over the last decades (from 11 to 72 mandatory vaccines for kids between 1986 and today). Big Pharma now is making great efforts to achieve all of this also outside its borders, while trying to maintain the same US conditions for testing and liability, namely none!
  • New Normal? (7+ videos)
    With the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ as excuse, we are told by the authorities that we will have to live under a “New Normal”. However, nothing truly ‘new’ has been proposed, it can simply be resumed as back to business as usual, but then with masks, social distancing, smart working, vaccines and follow apps. In other words, back to the ‘old’ normal, but with an additional set of restrictions and control mechanisms, possibly reinforced by “temporary” laws and even police action. Is this really necessary? Is it porportional? But more importantly, do the advantages actually outweigh the disadvantages, the endless list of collateral damage?
  • WHY? (8+ videos)
    Why would the WHO declare a false pandemic and propose a new normal  while waiting for vaccines as the only possible miracle solution to this alleged problem. And how is it that large corporations and governments accept and support only this one-sided tunnel view?
    There are many doctors and people with other views and other arguments. But instead of allowing open and balanced debates, MSM and most authorities choose to censure them and mark them “conspiracy theories”. WHY?

Isn’t it weird that everybody suddenly “agrees”?

Big TV and Big newspaper highlight this one-sided view as if it were the only existing one and totally correct. Isn’t that weird? Normally, as humans, we always seem to have several different, if not opposing, views on almost everything, right? How is it that this does not seem to happen now with something as important as global health?
Precisely in Italy it is striking to see how both government and opposition fully agree on wearing masks, keeping distance and vaccines for all italians, while normally they seem totally incapable to not argue about even the smallest and least relevant issues. As if arguing were in fact the main reason to be in politics. But no, here debate is totally absent and everybody totally agrees: politicians, tv-channels, newpapers…

Reasonable Doubt
WHO?Pandemic?Vaccines?New Normal? – WHY?ENOUGH!Freedom♥


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