Hi, I’m Riccardo.

I strongly believe in Europa as a community of the people and for the people, as was the original dream of our founding fathers.

I even more strongly believe that humans can live in harmony with each other. with nature and with our planet.

To achieve this, in current times the priority goes to the greatest and most important issue we are facing: the destruction of our natural environment (Ecocide) and its catastrophic implications for climate, the health of our planet and the future of our society and species. While doing so we should try to improve the other four values as well, because at the end it’s all related.

More than in top-down politics I believe in the bottom-up power of the citizens and its movements to create a better society for all, offering Europa.is as a platform to connect them and bring them together to combine forces at a European level.

My gratitude goes out to Marjoline who is helping to develop Europa.is.
This is the team for now 😉

Also gratitude to some personalities and friends who inspired and stimulated me also in former projects 🙂