One of the greatest problem of modern society is industry’s obsession for “profit first”. This degrades all humans into “markets” and all of nature into “assets”. It dehumanizes global society and pushes industry to deplete the planet’s natural resources. Life’s essentials like emotions, common sense and natural flow are left aside and substituted by statistics, logarithms and ‘controled environments’. 

For large corporations making profit is not just a choice, it is even established by law that making profit be the first priority. More often than not this leads to blind obsession for unlimited sales and ‘growth’ of business, frequently disregarding ethics, morals or even legality.

This profit first policy has shown to have destructive consequences both for global society as for nature and pushed the planet to the current climate and environmental crisis. Many of modern society’s syndroms and disease are actually symptoms of this crisis like the recent Corona Virus outbreak.





Already more than 40 years ago, in 1980, Carl Sagan already spoke about a “critical branchpoint in history” humanity was facing at that moment. He does not mention specific reasons, but his references to “superstition“, “greed” and “stupidity” speak for themselves. Unfortunately for him and for us, global society and planet currently seem to be on the wrong branch, having lost 40 years of precious time, and heading for the the dark times he refers to.



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