WHY? Reasonable doubt.

Why would the WHO declare a false pandemic and impose a new normal while waiting for vaccines as a supposed miracle solution to a problem that maybe doesn’t even really exist?

Pandemic? Reasonable doubt.

Pandemic? Reasonable doubt.

Reasonable doubt: WHO? – Pandemic? – Vaccines? – New Normal? – WHY? (update 10/2020: unfortunately our Vimeo channels have been censored too, recovery in progress) WHO was wrong declaring the N1H1 ‘pandemic’ in 2009… How do we know they are […]

The “new normal”? Reasonable doubt.

The “New Normal”? With the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ as excuse, we are told by the authorities that after the lockdown we will have to live under a “New Normal”. For some people the lockdown served actually as a welcome period of […]

Vaccines? Reasonable doubt.

Vaccines? Reasonable doubt.

A first simple observation… The US is the country (its pharma industry) with the highest increase in vaccines use over the last decades. It is also the country: – with the greatest increase in death-rates over the last decades. – […]

WHO? Reasonable doubt.

Most countries of the world went into lockdown and are now hurrying to find a vaccine because the WHO declared a ‘Pandemic’ for the Covid-19, as they mistakenly did for N1H1 in 2009.


The WHO declared pandemic for Covid-19 At present, the world is in a caos. On a medical, economic and social level. All because the WHO declared a “pandemic” because of the aledged Covid-19 outbreak, due to the aledged new SARS-Cov […]


Copy from the newly created World Doctors Alliance an addition to other already existing iniciatives like: Medicos por la Verdad (María José Martínez) – Spain The Great Barrington Declaration – US Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Heiko Schöning)- Alemania and the (preperation of?) […]

WHO poll – What’s Eur Opinion?

WHO is the highest international authority for health in the world. Countries and governments essentially have to follow their recommandations.

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