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Corona Crisis

First off, obviously and due to current circumstances, the planetarian community we need to overcome the Corona Crisis together.



Climate Crisis

In fact, Nature Crisis in general. Seemingly not as urgent, only because it’s playing out on a larger time-scale, but just essental for the future survival for society and maybe humanity, a liveable planet as a whole.

In the first place, unavoidably, Greta Thunberg (Fridays For Future – FFF) and George Monbiot.


For some the words of a young girl and ‘some’ journalist don’t bear much credibility. Possibly the words of Sir David Attenborough do.


Or the words of late Polly Higgins, a scottish barrister and initiator of StopEcocide, the organization that is working to establish an global law to turn Ecocide (large scale destruction of nature) into an International Crime against Humanity and Peace.


And if nothing else works, maybe the words of Harrisson Ford, for some possibly better known as Han Solo or Indiana Jones.



Dr. Gabor Maté explains why so many people feel lost in modern society.


Carl Sagan already warned us against superstition, greed and stupidity over 40 years ago (1980). And he was cerainly not the only one.