Europa is Values!

  1. Nature First
    Planet Earth with all of Nature is the mother, the cradle and home of the human species as it is of all life. It should be loved, protected and taken care of. Without healthy nature and planet there cannot be a healthy global society.
  2. Freedom of Speech
    Freedom of speech, expression and information is the most fundamental human right. It is the base that reinforces all other human rights, allowing society to develop and progress in harmonious way. The broader sense covers also freedom of press, transparency of entities and privacy for the individual.
  3. Gender Equality
    Gender equality is actually just a first step in paving the way towards non-discrimination in a wider sense, regarding also other issues like sexual preference, life style, beliefs and race.
  4. Go Non Profit
    One of the greatest problems of modern society is industry’s obsession for “profit first” (by law!). This degrades all humans into “markets” and all of nature into “assets”. It dehumanizes global society and pushes industry to deplete the planet’s natural resources. Life’s essentials like emotions, common sense and natural flow are being crushed and substituted by statistics, logarithms and ‘controled environments’.
  5. Abolish Bank Secrecy
    In essence, Bank Secrecy allows and stimulates global corruption at the highest levels. This at its turn allows all other (organized) crime. As long as Bank Secrecy and its subsequent global corruption exist, true democracy simply can’t.

    More values:
  6. Science
  7. Education
  8. Health



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