Your immune system (NL)

(Y)our immune system has developed over millions of years of evolution, together with and taking in account all microbes, viruses and any other kind of natural illness causing agents. And after these millions of years you and I are here, because all of our ancestors survived all possible attacks.

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Our immune system is intelligent, flexible, versatile, adaptive and it has millions of years of experience. How’s that for a curriculum? Just think about it for a moment, a system that knows how to heal a wound, how to mend a broken leg, recover from hangovers… 😉 Really the only thing you need to be healthy, is keep your immune system healthy.

Basic elements of a heathy immune system:

  1. Good oxigenation of body and blood.
    Breath freely and well, outside, fresh air, improved by movement and excercise.
  2. Don’t put toxic agents in your body, either eating, drinking or otherwise. Take in account that your digestive system is the greatest immunological defense you have, if anything would enter directly in your blood, it would have skipped the greates barreer.
  3. Be happy! Your bodily health depends greatly on your mental health.
    So do things you enjoy, what your heart en body feel like. Avoid being/feeling alone and surroundings that make you feel oppressed. Instead, love, laugh, hug, kiss, dance, enjoy!

Also, don’t be obsessed with not getting sick. Like is the case with some children’s diseases and the flu, sometimes it’s better to just get it, go through it and come out, in fact, stronger. It’s part of life, it’s natural


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Posted on 29/01/2021

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