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Vaccines? Reasonable doubt.

A first simple observation…
The US is the country (its pharma industry) with the highest increase in vaccines use over the last decades.
It is also the country:
– with the greatest increase in death-rates over the last decades.
– with a staggering increase of child-autism, from 1 in 10.000 in 1991 to around 1 in 30 right now.

The pharmaceutical industry is the most influential (read: paying) lobby in the US and it has aggressively pushed vaccine-use within its own borders over the last decades. Especially since 1986 when they achieved full clearing from all liability through the Vaccine Act (curiously enough called “immunity”). Years before that they had already achieved that vaccines need no testing.

Big Pharma now is making great efforts to achieve all of this also outside its borders, while trying to maintain the same US conditions for testing and liability, namely none! This means that vaccines are not even tested but still the pharmaceutical industry does not take any liability.

Reasonable doubt: WHO?Pandemic?Vaccines?New Normal?WHY?
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because of the enourmous number of videos on the dangers of vaccines it is impossible to subtitle them all, or even search for already subtitled or dubbed versions in other languages. Some channels to search for yourself: – –



WHO ‘mistook’ N1H1 pandemic declaration in 2009?
new-tab video – 15 min – subs EN, ES, IT, NL
The WHO declared a N1H1 pandemic (swine flu) in 2009 that shortly after turned out to be unfounded. But just because of that declaration, most countries in the world had already spent hundreds of millions in buying vaccines for their population that then had to be destroyed… These hundreds of millions had flown from individual countries to just a few farmaceutical companies for no reason. For them it was the biggest deal of the century.

Corona Covid19 pandemic doubts

Vaccines, the largest theft of the world
clip – 5 min – subs EN, ES, IT, NL
Robert Kennedy Jr.

In the US Vaccines are not safety tested.
In the US there are 4 companies that produce the 72 vaccines that are currently mandated for children, increased from 11 in 1986. An increase of over 650% in 34 years.
In 1986 these companies were given complete, blanket immunity from liablity through the Vaccine Act.
Zero consequence if they kill you or if they injure you for life.

These US (full absence of) conditions are now also being applied to a future Covid-19 vaccine world wide for second pandemic declared by WHO. With the ‘bonus’ of being developed at “warp speed” in less than a year and without testing.
This means that the authorities possibly will want to mandate a bio-chemical mix to be injected, without being able to give any safety guarantees on the short term effects in one, two or five years, let alone longer term effects for the next generation or the one after.

Vaccines, the unauthorized truth
pop-up video – 1:30 min – subs EN, ES, IT, NL
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree

They’re putting two of the most dangerous words together in every article about this vaccine: “rushing” and “science”.

vaccines the unauthorized truth

Robert de Niro: people should see the VAXXED documentary
clip 4 min, subs EN, ES, IT, NL

Robert de Niro who has an autistic son himself, was going to show the documentary VAXXED! at the Tribeca festival in 2016. Howere he pulled the movie at the last moment for the pressure from other film-makers. But in this interview he insists that people should see the movie. He also makes a reference to “Trace Amounts” (both below).

VAXXED! From cover-up to catastrophe. (banned everywhere)
Documentary from 2016 by Dr. Andrew Wakefield
(in parts: part 1part 2part 3part 4)

This documentary is extremely controversial because it directly links vaccines to autism, with examples of real world cases. Instead of taking this documentary to an open and public debate, all America(nish) authorities (medical, political and Main Stream Media – MSM) decided one-sidedly it should directly be silenced, banned, disqualified and demonized as well as Dr. Andrew Wakefield who made the movie. WHY?

Trace Amounts

A Documentary specifically on the devestating effects of Thimerosal (Mercury), as can be expected, it is very different from the CDC’s Thimerosal almost promotional kind of message.

Seen partially after Robert de Niro’s recommendation. It seems that the main character himself has suffered effects from a vaccine on a later age (around 30?) and then started to investigate for himself, talking also with parents of children that had suffered from very bad effects after being vaccinated.

A shot in the dark – 30min (EN)

Yet another dramatic documentary on the devestating consequences of vaccines, with parent and doctor testimonials and other references. Obviously censored at Goo-Tube and the like.

Bill Gates plan to vaccinate the world (2 of 4 of the Corbett Report)

Dr. Alejandro Sousa, España
Please, don’t take the vaccine…
extract – 2 min, no subs (see full documentary)

A highly qualified urologist who is also very brave exposing himself in this way.
Essences of his point of view, among which the lie of the pandemic and the role of the media with its exaggerated statistics. Dr. Sousa ends by asking please, don’t get vaccinated.

Reasonable doubt: WHO?Pandemic?Vaccines?New Normal?WHY?


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Silenced, censored, siscredited, persued, locked away or even killed for openly criticizing American(ish) authorities and style of doing. Here is where Corona-crises is intimately related to Freedom of Speech, press, information…


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