Does WHO’s Tedros Adhanom really mean to say: “using boosters…” “to kill/children (?) is not right.”

Is Tedros Adhanom really saying this?
In this video you hear the general director of the WHO actually saying that “using boosters…” “to kill children is not right”.

Logically it went viral among all the sceptics of Covid/pandemic/green-pass/great-reset (not using the wrong terms imposed by MSM by the way). But wouldn’t it be too much nerve, even on the part of WHO, to admit such a thing openly?

If you listen very well, you may understand it as a slip of the tongue from this man who doesn’t really speaks/pronounces english that well. And from “kill” to “chill”(dren) is actually rather easy.
Even so, would this slip of the tongue then really be just an incredible stupid coincidence or would it be Freudian, meaning that he actually was thinking it, did not mean to say it, but could not avoid have it slip out of his mouth?

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What is Your Opinion?

In this video you hear the general director of the WHO really saying that
"using boosters..." "to kill/children (?) is not right". What is Your Opinion?

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Posted on 27/12/2021

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