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Cristina Armas, a lawyer from the Canary Islands, explains why she has denounced the Spanish State (Pedro Sanchez), the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Medicines Agency, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, among others, for crimes of genocide against humanity before the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

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Hello, today we have Cristina Armas
a lawyer from the Canary Islands.

How are you Cristina?

Very well.
Thank you very much for inviting me.

Welcome to Madrid Market.

Above all welcome
because I am in awe.

You’ve done a job
of a hundred pages, I hear.

And you have filed a complaint
against the Spanish government,

nothing more and nothing less
than in the court of The Hague.

The international court in The Hague.

And you accuse them… of what
do you accuse the Spanish government?

The complaint is not really only
against the Spanish state, okay?

Because in the International Criminal Court,
the first complaint we sent…

was indeed directed against the Spanish state,
but also against international organizations,

which we understand are equally complicit
in the situation we are experiencing.

The World Health Organization (WHO)
is denounced,

the World Economic Forum (WEF),

the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMG),

the European Medicines Agency,

the Istituto de Salud Global
de Barcelona,

and a few others more,
that I don’t remember by heart now.

Well, what do you accuse them of,
what do you accuse so many people of?

What have they done?

We denounce that
since March 2020…

crimes of genocide against humanity
are being committed,

not only in Spain,
but internationally.

We understand that everything
we have been suffering…

was nothing spontaneous,
that is to say…

we are not facing a health crisis
as a result of a disease,

as a result of a supposed
zero patient,

consuming a bat soup
in a Wuhan market…

and from there
the global pandemic is declared.

We understand that
what we had here…

is a perfectly orchestrated,
planned, organized plan…

by certain states and by certain
supranational organizations.

And with several objectives, among them
I believe the most important being:

accelerating the implementation
of the famous 2030 agenda

one of the main promoters of this agenda
being the World Economic Forum.

We understand that it’s
one of the most responsible…

of the crisis… or rather
the situation we are experiencing,

because this is not
really a health crisis.

We do not see it as a health crisis,

but we understand
that a health crisis is being used…

with political motivations.

In that case, did the
health problem come first…

and then did they create
the political motivation?

With the excuse of the
health crisis, what they try is

that the citizens
and the population assume…

the loss of fundamental rights
and freedoms with absolute normality.

It’s about establishing
a kind of dictatorship.

At least that’s how we see it.

There are countries, like Australia,
where the army is out on the streets…

controlling that the population
cannot skip the lockdown.

That there is a declared lockdown
in Australia until September.

And that the government…

has said that even
if they reach 100% vaccination…

they will continue the lockdowns.

Therefore, I think it is clear
that this is not a health problem,

but rather a political problem
and with a clear purpose,

which is to establish
a total global state.

What role do vaccines play
in this scenario that you sketch?

What role does the vaccine play?

It’s about control, I think.

Control and confrontation.

I think that on one hand
they try to subdue the population…

through the vaccine
and we are seeing it, that is…

an attempt has been made to condition,
for example, free movement in Europa,

when with legislation in hand
and fundamental rights…

it would be impossible
to limit our free movement in Europa.

And they have tried it
through the Covid certificate.

They pretend that only certain people
can travel or make it difficult…

for people, who voluntarily
do not want to be injected…

a gene therapy drug,

That must be made clear,
it is not a vaccine,

because it doesn’t work like a vaccine,

nor does it have the
SARS-CoV-2 virus in the content…

and it is recognized by the
technical data sheet of these drugs.

Therefore, the first thing
people have to understand,

is that it is not even a vaccine.

Then, through the inoculation
of a gene therapy drug,

they intend to limit the life
of certain people or condition it.

Have you had to talk to
many scientists, many doctors…

to reach certain conclusions
to present documents,

that are reliable,
that have weight?

That they have value
before the International Court.

Most of the information,
which I provide in my complaint,

is precisely information collected
from the official bodies themselves,

be it the WHO, the BMG foundation,
the WEF…

I think that that
gives it even more credibility…

and it gives more weight to the
complaint that we have presented in Court.

Did many lawyers help you?

Regarding the complaint, two colleagues
from Barcelona helped me…

and then another colleague
from Madrid helped me…

when contacting
the interest groups.

Because this complaint,
was signed by me,

but it is supported
by twenty interest groups,

including the international collective…

whose president is the
magistrate Angelo Giorgiani (Italy),

who has also presented
three complaints for the same,

for genocide,
at the International Criminal Court.

And what are the chances
that this will prosper?

For sure we do not know the
real possibilities that this may have,

because the Hague tribunal,
the International Criminal Court,

an organ, which belongs to the UN…

and therefore it is a court
that is politicized…

and with many conflicting interests.

We do not really know
what success it may have,

but it is serving so that the
information reaches more people,

so that more people
understand what is really going on.

And more people start to wake up.

Just to make people aware
of how the world works,

what is happening,
where they are trying to take us,

so that people wake up
and start fighting…

for their rights and freedoms,
which are at stake right now.

But if we already know that your complaint
is not going to have more possibilities…

than to attract people’s attention, what
would be the best way to defend ourselves?

The only way we have
is the judicial way.

But take in account
that also the judges are waking up!

Because a year ago, 15 months ago,
in March 2020,

this caught us all by surprise,
in the sense that…

we all came to think at some point,
that there really was a pandemic.

Starting with the judges,
starting with the constitutional court,

the supreme court…

So I think 15 months later
the judges are also realizing…

that this has nothing to do with health.

And they are showing a lot of sensitivity…

with respect to fundamental
rights and freedoms.

Hence, for example, the higher
court of justice of the Canary Islands,

automatically after 48 hours,
invalidated the Covid certificate.

So I believe that we all, to a some extent,
are waking up.

We are waking up, not only the population,
but also the judges.

Also the judges.

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Posted on 21/09/2021

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