Papaya-PCR-positive John Magufuli, president of Tanzania dies unexpectedly.

President John Magufuli of Tanzania first disappeared a few weeks and then dies from supposed cardiac problems.

He was the only leader of a country, that openly questioned the Covid pandemic, with a doubt starting at the base of all of it: the controversial PCR test. He became famous when he anounced that, in fact, Papaya and other fruits tested positive on PCR and therefore should be quaranteened as well.

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17 march 2021 Anuncian la muerte de John Magufuli (61 años), presidente de Tanzania


Comparable cases

Something similar seems to have happened  to the president of Burundi
14 may 2020 Burundi expels WHO team as it prepares for presidential election
09 June 2020 Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza (age 55) dies of ‘cardiac arrest’
President of Burundi dies after cardiac arrest, according to government


In fact, four five african presidents have died since/for/by/because of Covid…

9 December 2020 Brandy Vaughan dies unexpectedly at age 45. First the cause was unknown, but then Snopes assures us it was natural cause. That is sooo reassuring…
Brandy used to work for Merck vaccine-manifacturer to later turn against the whole vaccine industry and become a greatly appreciated activist.


07 august 2019 Kary Mullis would have died from pneumonia (in high summer in California?) at age 74 just a few months before the Covid outbreak. Kary was the inventor of the PCR test and he himself actually said and insisted this test was NOT valid for diagnosing any disease.

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Posted on 11/03/2021

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