Plandemic II – The birth of Big Pharma (EN►ES)

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When the oil industry discovered drugs could be produced from petroleum, natural medicines used for thousands of years were suddenly classified as “alternative”. The new petroleum based, highly addictive and patentable drugs were declared the gold standard.

The initial step to this radical switch in medical doctrine was provided by the 1910 Flexner report, funded by the Rockefeller and the Carnegie foundations.

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REALLY? Reasonable doubt
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The Impact of the Flexner Report on the Fate of Medical Schools in North America After 1909

The Flexner Report of Abraham Flexner is considered pivotal in North American medical edu-
cation shortly after the turn of the twentieth century. In the turbulent wake of the Report’s publi-
cation, a host of schools closed and others merged. Many assume that the Report played a lead-
ing part in these closings and mergers. (researchgate)


This report was made possible through funding by the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations.
“At the bottom of these events lays a superb growth in the state funding for biomedical research, new psychiatric hospitals, and asylums, along with increasing health care support through company-based plans and state welfare insurance corporations emerging in the “American Progressive Era” since the 1890s” (HindawiPDF)


NIH view on modern medicine

They erected an edifice, not of bricks and mortar, but an edifice that became the system of medical education that we know more than a century later. Their successful efforts resulted in the science-based foundation of medical training that has made the United States the recognized leader in medical education and medical research today.

NIH proudly dares to make this statement while

  • pharmaceutical drugs are the third leading cause of death in the USA
  • the USA has become the country with the highest child disease and mortality rate in the world, after opening up the vaccine “market” in 1986 with the Vaccine Act or FICA, that gave vaccine producers blanket immunity from liability, which in itself is cause for doubt and worry. Since then, mandaded vaccines for children exponentially grew to a staggering 72 now and will probably continue to grow.

While this started as an internal US problem, it is clear that Big Pharma next started to push for these policies (mandated vaccines and no liability whatsoever) to be applied at a global scale through the World Health Organization (WHO?), of which they themselves, directly or indirectly, are actually the largest financers. This lead to the declaration of a pandemic for N1H1 in 2009 and for Covid in 2019. Both ‘pandemics’ are disputed by a great number of health and other professionals, that however are silenced and censored by the large corporation’s media, also known as MSM, who are also greatly sustained by Big Pharma fundings. MSM also includes the major internet websites and companies.

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Posted on 16/09/2020

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