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We are being conditioned to have the excuse for unbelievable acts of tiranny which will be justified by “Remember 2020”.

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I’m happy to anounce
that we have discovered a vaccine.

We no longer have to live in fear.

Everyone can get back
to their normal lives.

(from the 2016 Netflix
children’s movie “Hedgehogs”)

It’s the great hope
galvinizing the world.

A vaccine for Covid-19!

But are we being sold a lie?

After all, Covid-19 is the 7th corona virus
to strike mankind…

…and we’ve never found a vaccine
for any of them.

The shortest time
anybody’s ever found a vaccine…

…against any disease that I’m familiar with,
is about 7 years.

The average time is 20!

To be talking about a magic bullet
coming in months,

…it borders under absurd.

People like myself and Toni Fauci
are saying eighteen months.

A year to a year and a half.

If everything went perfectly
we could do slighly better than that,

…but there will be a trade-off.

We will have less safety testing
than we would tipically have…

…so governments wil lhave to decide
to indemnify the companies…

…and really say let’s go out with this.

Something that people should know
about Covid-19 vaccines…

…they fall today under the PREP act…

…which came into being after 9/11
and after an Anthrax scare.

And this law gives virtually
blanket liabillity protection.

It’s basically impossible to get any kind
of compensation if you’re injured.

So people need to understand that if you take
Covid-19 vaccines you are absolutely on your own.

If you’re permanently injured,
if you loose your job,

if your health care expenses
go through the roof.

Tough luck!

Volunteers all across the country
began getting shots today…

…as part of the final fase of testing
for an experimental vaccine…

…being developed by the NIH
and the drug company Moderna.

The side effects for the Moderna vaccine
sound concerning, we looked.

After the second dose at least 80% of
participants experienced a systemic side effect.

So are these vaccines safe?

Well the, ah, the FDA, not being pressured,
will look hard at that.

The FDA is the gold standard
of regulators, aaahh…

…and their current guidence on this,

…if they stick with that,
is very, very appropriate.

Aahh, and, you know, they… the, the
the side effects were not super severe.

That is, it didn’t cause permanent
health problems for, aah, the things…

…they, you know, Moderna did have to go
with a fairly high dose and so…

…aahhh, you know,
to get the antibodies….

This isn’t a vaccine story,

…this is a population management story.

If your goal is to make
this beautiful earth that we live on…

…an exclusive playground
for the entitled few…

…then populations that get in the way
are a problem.

And it is the imperical impulses
of individuals who have decided…

…that by outranking the rest of humanity
they can dictate upon humanity…

…the conditions of their existence.

Now we need to go and look in families
to find those people who may be sick…

…and remove them
and isolate them.

This bill enables the police to enter a home
wihtout a warrant.

Madam speaker,
the police have NEVER held that power.

– We will find out who lives in the house
– and if it’s someone that is refusing…

…we will definitely consult with our health officer
to look into next steps.

So the sheriff’s department
AND the helth department showed up at her door…

…with orders for her and her husband
to wear ankle monitors.

The couple says they never denied

You now will no longer
be allowed to leave home,

…only one person will be able to go shopping
once per day.

Recreational activity is now no longer allowed.

You will be allowed to have one hour
of excercise, no further than 5 km from your home.

Are you serious?
She’t just not having a mask!

For no mask, are you serious?

We wil lshut you down.

We will cite you.

And if we need to…

…we will arrest you…

…and we will
take-you-to J-A-I-L!

You know the old expression about snitches,

…well in this case:
snitches get rewards!

Some people are ratting their neightbours out
calling the police…

…but others are turning to the internet…

….where social distance shaming
is gotten ugly.

In a time of crisis, trying to force compliance
upon a population…

…by making neighbours and friends
distrust one another…

…is exactly the opposite tactic
we actually need.

When human societies loose their freedom…

…it’s not usually
because tyrants have taken it away…

…it’s usually because people willingly
surrender their freedom…

…in return for protection
against some external threat.

That’s what I fear we are seeing now.

This is a cognitive dissonant moment
which is being imprinted in tyour brain…

just like “remember the great depression”…

“remember 9/11”.

Oh my God!

Weapons of mass destruction.

We are being conditioned to have the excuse
for unbelievable acts of tiranny…

…which will be justified by
“Remember 2020”.

And your loved ones, those that die,
those that are infected…

…they’re being used as cannon fodder…

…which is the ultimate desecration
of their honor and integrity.

And this is also a test of humanity…

…to see how much of our liberty
we will let go…

…before we finelly draw the line
under enough!

Benjamin Rush, a signer
of the Declaration of independence stated:

“Unless we put medical freedom
into the Constitution the time will come…

…whene medicine will organize
into an undercover dictatorship…

…to restrict the art of healing
to one class of men…

…and deny equal priviledges to others.”

That time is NOW!

Well, this won’t be the last pandemic
that we face.

So we, you know, we’ll have
to prepare for the next one.

That… you know, I’d say, is aahhh…
will get attention this time 🙂 🙂

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Posted on 05/10/2020

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