A ‘new’ normal? Reasonable doubt.

A ‘new’ normal? Reasonable doubt.

A 'new' normal?

If one has to believe the news from the traditional media --like national tv, radio and newspapers (aka MSM)-- then only one view regarding the Coronavirus or Covid 19 outbreak and pandemic seems to exist:

  1. There IS really a Corona virus outbreak going on, so great it should be considered a pandemic.
  2. It's a severe illness that can cause death, so we have to be afraid of it, fight it and avoid getting it by all means.
  3. It is so extremely contagious that we all have to wear masks and keep distance from each other.
  4. Corona virus is so dangerous, we must totally eradicate it globally asap and the only way to do that is by vaccines, if needed by physical, legal or social force.
  5. Just for one's own and everybody's safety we should all join in the "follow"apps so we know who we have to avoid, if possible enhanced with 5G.
  6. The only way we ever can get back to (a 'new'?) normal are following step 3, 4 and 5. If you don't do so you are looked at badly by fellow citizens and possibly by the law.
  7. The only consideration in this going back to normal is recovering industry, employment, consumption, economy, GPD and stock-quotes, that seem to be considered humanity's only priority.

Based on this, we are told that we will have to learn to live with a 'new' normal in the near future. However, anything truly 'new' does not really seem to have been proposed sofar. For now it looks like it simply could be resumed as back to business as usual, but then with masks, social distancing, smart working, vaccines and follow apps. In other words, back to the 'old' normal, but with an additional set of restrictions and control mechanisms.


Reasonable doubt

Tv and newspapers highlight this view as if it were the only existing one and, more specifically, totally correct. Isn't that weird? Normally, as humans, we always seem to have several different, if not opposing, views on almost everything, right? How is it that this does not seem to happen now with something so important as global health?
Precisely in Italy it is striking to see how both government and opposition fully agree on wearing masks, keeping distance and vaccines for all italians, while normally they seem totally incapable to not argue about any kind of issue, even the smallest and least relevant, as if arguing were in fact the main reason to be in politics. But no, here debate totally absent and everybody agrees.

This tunnel view, gives the impression of not being able to see the full spectrum. At least not through the channels where the information is given to you. In case there would be more spectrum to see, one has to go and search for it. And when you then actually do find diverging information on either one of the points, suddenly doubt comes up. That's nothing strange, it's logical and reasonable. A reasonable doubt, that however then spreads also to the other points. That's where someone starts to investigate no matter the effort or time it takes, the sleep that's lost. The more one finds, the more one wonders why this is not discussed and debated in the open. Why is it all apparently kept secret? Why, if in exceptional cases, it does come out in the open the quick, frequently insistent and almost desparing reaction is to label it as conspiracy theory? This only makes the doubt grow. And reasonably so.


2009 N1H1 pandemic was unfounded. Same for 2020 Covid19-Corona virus?

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Corona Covid19 pandemic doubts

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vaccines the unauthorized truth

They’re putting two of the most dangerous words together in every article about this vaccine: “rushing” and “science”.

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Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: “The Coronavirus epidemic that we allegedly are having right now”

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Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg european health commission

In 2009 the WHO declared a pandemic for the N1H1 virus, swine flu. This turned out to be unfounded. Wolfgang Wodarg was Chairman of European Health Commission in that period and denounced the declaration of that pandemic.

Since 2009 he denounces a counterfeit pandemic

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