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I’m joined by Professor Dolores Cahill right now.

You have quite a background,
can you maybe in, like 60 seconds,

…give me a sense of your background?

There was a human genome project…

…but you have really decifred the proteins
that are in the body.

Tell me a little bit about your history,
your past and your work.

Right, thank you, lovely to see you again Del.

My degree is in molecular genetics,
my PhD is in immunology,

…I was targeting drugs and toxics like ricin
to try and help brain tumor patients…

…and then I went on to the Max Planck
and I ran a group there…

…and I invented a technology
and a suite of patents…

…to make hight content protein arrays.

And at that time
it was quite disruptive,

…we had around 8.000
different human proteins…

…and we were able to test
the specificity of anty-bodies.

And we also were able to profie
the anti-bodies in serum…

…for people who had auto-immune diseases
and cancer and viral infections.

And what was very interesting is,
up to that time…

…people were characterized
against eight proteins…

…and we were able to
characterize against 8.000.

And we were also able to profile…

…if a person naturally cleared the virus
or a bacterie like menengitis…

…exactly what were
the anti-bodies against what proteins…

…that made them with
meningitis not die…

…and then take those proteins
and epitop map the anti-body…

to the amino-acid level.

And also we looked at
companion diagnostics…

…from why do people respond
to certain drugs and not…

…and also to profile people
who had adverse events.

So including unusual symptoms
like cronic fatigue.

I’m sure you could go
on and on and on, but…

….I only understood
about half of that stuff.

I think, what we can
gleam from this, is that…

…you understand viruses,
at a very profoundly microscopic level.

You’ve been watching ths Covid-19,
I have a lot of questions for you.

I wanted to start the discussion
with masks, you know…

Russell Blaylock is a world-renouned Doctor
who’s come out and said,

…there is a danger to wearing these things,
do you agree with him?

What are you thinking when you look at
disease profiles and viruses and bacteria?

Are masks effective at keeping us healthy?

So I would say I made
a static slide there,

because there is a table that compares
Corona viruses with Ebola viruses.

So if it was an Ebola virus outbreak
then a mask would be effective,

…because Ebola virus
is transmitted through the air,

…but in the case of Corona virus,
it’s not transmitted through the air…

… it’s transmitted through droplets
that then would drop on the surface,

like a door handle.

So in Corona virus there is absolutely
no need to wear a mask.

But also, I entirely agree with professor Blaylock,
who has an outstanding track record…

…and is very experienced in this area,

…that because the mask is covering you,
you have less oxigene…

…and that puts your immune system
under stress…

…and then the latent viruses that are in your body,
because you’re under immune stress, will reappear.

And not only will you have more Corona virus
but if you had other latent viruses…

…it would allow them to re-emerge.

And the reason why they re-emerge is,

…that nutrition and vitamines and stress
are very important.

To have good nutrition,
have very little stress on the body…

…and ensure that you have vitamines
to keep your immune system working.

And in this case, in Corona virus, the immune system
can clear the virus within ten or eleven days.

So I would definitively say,
for Corona virus there is no need for masks…

…and also there is no need
for social distancing.

So I am actually looking in Ireland to see
whether we can take precedence cases,

…against, you know, legally,
because the government scientists…

…and our Taoiseach (Irish priminister)
is a doctor…

…and the minister for health…

…that they are making policy decisions
that are actually will make people sicker.

So there is no need to wear masks
and also, as your early commentary,

…that there will be more deaths, you know,
that in the UK for example…

…normally there are 5.000 people
diagnosed with cancer in a month…

and there’s only 25 thousand
(maybe she means 25 hundred?)

So there are issues around heart attacks
not treated properly, early diagnosis of cancer

…and also issues around depression.

So I am saying, that in Ireland
the deaths, any deaths that result…

…let’s say, from ten days time
are entirely unnecessary.

We will be counting those deaths
and holding…

…our priminister and minister for health
personally to account…

…because I think it’s verging on
almost a crime against humanity.

There are deaths, hundred of deaths will happen
because of the policies that they’re doing,

…keeping people in their homes, where they
should be informed, good nutrition, vitamines.

People who have no underlying conditions
and are under seventy…

…should engage in the next ten days…

…and interact with society to build up
the herd immunity and go back to work.

And I would be saying that any closure, really,
in Ireland after the 25th of may is unnecessary.

And I do have one slide
with the three outbreaks…

This is actually from the director of the CDC
and it was presented at a US presidential meeting.

This clearly shows, it ranges from december 2019
to the 12th of april 2020, that…

when viruses circulate the globe
they actually circulate the globe within…

…about three or four to six weeks,
and that this flu season as normal…

influenza B circulated,
influenza A and Covid-19.

So what happens then as well is…

…that everybody in the globe
are exposed to these viruses and…

…the majority of people
will not have any symptoms…

…and they will develop
an immune response and clear it.

A certain percentage of the population
will have flu-like symptoms.

And I am saying that
only about one in a hundred people…

…will go on to develop a cough
and because we now are totally aware…

…that the drug Hydroxychloroquine
with AZT and zinc…

…can actually prevent those people
from ever reaching hospital…

…that there is actually a well-known
prevention and a treatment.

And because we have that, it’s then entirely
unnesessary to have these lockdowns.

And I am happy to join
the other scientists in the world to call that out.

But I do think there has to be
legal consequences with the deaths…

…after, let’s say, the 25th of may,
for politicians and scientists advising them.

And they also have to really join
in each of our countries with the scientists.

There has to be debates
on national broadcasting TV,

…for the scientists who think like I do…

the ministers have to say…

…what scientists specifically
are saying…

…that the lockdown is necessary,
masks are necessary.

I too agree with you,
that I would like to know…

I would really like
to have the people step forward…

and stand forward and say,

…who among you are behind
the lockdown, the use of mask,

those of you that are saying that
Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work…

and that this is a deadly epidemic
that wants a quarantine.

I would like to see all those people
stand next to each other…

…so we know who will be responsible.

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Posted on 27/05/2020

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