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The “new normal”? Reasonable doubt.

The “New Normal”?

With the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ as excuse, we are told by the authorities that after the lockdown we will have to live under a “New Normal” (click for the full page). Many other fancy names are used for the same idea: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Build Back Better, Agenda 2030 or, indeed, the New World Order.

In reality, nothing truly ‘new’ has been proposed. Instead, this “New Normal” is no more than rushing back to business as usual, but then with masks, social distancing, smart working, vaccines and follow apps. In other words, back to the ‘old’ normal, but worsened with an extra set of restrictions and control mechanisms, possibly reinforced by “temporary” laws and even police action.

Is this really necessary? Is it proportional? And do the supposed advantages actually outweigh all “collateral damage” and other disadvantages? Do the people want this?

Reasonable doubt: WHO?Pandemic?Vaccines?New Normal?WHY?ENOUGH!Freedom♥
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Conditioning of the population?
Extract from Plandemic II, 6 min – EN►EN/ES/IT/NL
We are being conditioned to have the excuse for unbelievable acts of tiranny which will be justified by “Remember 2020”.

Isa Kriens – legal advisor in a Dutch city council
Corona laws threaten constitutional rights all around the world.
video 17 min (the first 4 say it all) – NL►EN/ES

Prof. Dr. Dolores J. Cahill
“No need for masks or social distancing”
video 10 min – subs EN, ES, IT, NL

Many still question whether wearing a mask really serves to stop the Coronavirus or, on the contrary, only aggravates the situation by weakening our immune system due to the reduction of oxygen, which is critical to it. Ireland’s top microbiologist and immunologist, Dolores Cahill, PhD, argues her clearl position in this conversation with Del Bigtree.
This video was censored by Vimeo – now restored on

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on masks and social distancing.
video, 4 min – subs EN, NL – censored by Google-Youtube and Vimeo
Medical Doctor Andrew Kaufman lost his job recently because he refused to conform to the ideas that he didn’t think were true about Corona/COVID-19.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman does not believe masks are necessary.
1)  because there is no medical evidence that masks are beneficial.
2) because there is no evidence of any pandemic right now.
In fact, masks are actually bad for your health.

Dr. Kaufman is just one of the growing number of medical doctors who also has come out to give his view on the global Covid-Corona hysteria. He was fired for this, as many others have been or even worse (disqualified, thrown out of the doctor’s organizations or even put in jail).

This video was censored by Vimeo – restored on

Dr. Rashid Buttar open discussion on Covid-19 with 150 Medical Doctors
video 4 min – no subs (yet)
Question 1 – Does a mask make sense for this supposed pandemic or any virus infectious disease?
Question 2 – Does a mask make it actually worse? …by suppressing the immune system…

Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid (EN->EN/ES/IT/NL…)
3 of 4 from the Corbett Report on Bill Gates

The unimaginable wealth that Gates has accrued is now being used to purchase something much more useful: control. Control not just of the global health bodies that can coordinate a worldwide vaccination program, or the governments that will mandate such an unprecedented campaign, but control over the global population itself.

Dr. Gabor Maté
Modern society makes us feel lost, due to alienation from each other

video 4 min – subs EN, ES, IT, NL

Long  before the Corona Crisis Dr. Gabor Maté already explained how we, homo sapiens, are social animals and that social isolation or distancing is not good for our mental health and as consequence not good for our physical health either. To be healhty we need to see, talk, touch and be with each other. Many other psycologists, biologists, philosophers and other experts have also expressed this basic human need.
In this video Dr. Maté warns about the fact that modern society makes people feel lost due to alienation from nature and from each other. This can lead to depression, anxiety and overall a worse health situation.
The social distancing as proposed by the “new normal” only increases this feeling of alienation and makes the situation worse, as has clearly been demonstrated by the increase in suicides during confinement. Some take this as mere ‘collateral damage’ as if it were the war in Iraq, others see it as one of the indications that the measures of the ‘new normal’ do more harm than good.

Reasonable doubt: WHO?Pandemic?Vaccines?New Normal?WHY?


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