Pandemic? Reasonable doubt.

Pandemic? Reasonable doubt.

WHO was wrong on N1H1 ‘pandemic’ in 2009. WHO maybe also wrong on Covid-19 in 2020?

Many Medical Doctors opposed back then but they were not listened to. Now WHO declared pandemic for the second time, for Covid-19. And again, many Medical Doctors oppose to it. This time they are more aggressively silenced, censored or disqualified.
Commercial profit seems to have influenced WHO’s decision in 2009. Now, 11 years later, the private commercial interests have only increased, exponentially!

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In 2009 the WHO declared a pandemic for N1H1 virus, the swine flu. It was unfounded.
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Corona Covid19 pandemic doubts 

In 2009 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the first pandemic ever for the N1H1 virus, the swine flu. Later this declaration turned out to be unfounded. Could the same be happening now with their second pandemic for Covid-19?

Below more references to the two Medical Doctors mentioned in this video. 
Dr. Germán Velásquez
was senior director at the WHO. He opposed to the declaration of a pandemic.
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg was chairman of the European Health Commission. He denounced the false pandemic.

Dr. Germán Velásquez
“Private funding conditions the decisions of the WHO”
audio 10 min, pop up – subs EN, ES

Director of the drug program of the WHO at the time of the N1H1, swine flu “pandemic” in 2009, in a frank interview for spanish radio channel SER. He is also referred to in the first video on this page.

El exdirector del Programa Mundial de Medicamentos de la OMS, Germán Velásquez lamenta en la SER que la Organización Mundial de la Salud funciona a favor de intereses privados.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
“I want to say something about the Coronavirus epidemic that we allegedly are having right now”
video 10 min, pop-up – subs DE, EN, ES, IT…

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg european health commission

Wolfgang Wodarg was Chairman of the European Health Commission at the time of the N1H1 “pandemic” in 2009, gives his view on the Corona pandemic that we allegedly are having now in 2020. He is also referred to in the first video on this page.

Prof. Dr. Dolores J. Cahill
“No need for masks or social distancing”
video 10 min, pop-up – subs EN, ES, IT, NL

Should you really wear a mask? for Corona virus...

Many still question if wearing a mask helps stop Coronavirus. Top Microbiologist and Immunologist from Ireland, Dolores Cahill, PhD weighs in with some VERY definitive answers.

independent page of this video >

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on masks and social distancing.
video, 4 min – new tab – subs EN, NL – censored by Google-Youtube and Vimeo
Medical Doctor Andrew Kaufman lost his job recently because he refused to conform to the ideas that he didn’t think were true about Corona/COVID-19.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman does not believe masks are necessary.
1)  because there is no medical evidence that masks are beneficial.
2) because there is no evidence of any pandemic right now.
In fact, masks are actually bad for your health.

Dr. Kaufman is just one of the growing number of medical doctors who also has come out to give his view on the global Covid-Corona hysteria. He was fired for this, as many others have been or even worse (disqualified, thrown out of the doctor’s organizations or even put in jail).

Dr. Rashid Buttar open discussion on Covid-19 with 150 Medical Doctors
video – new tab – 4 min – no subs (yet)

Question 1 – Does a mask make sense for this supposed pandemic or any virus infectious disease?
Question 2 – Does a mask make it actually worse? …by suppressing the immune system…


Nieuwsuur: Leugens en manipulaties door de WHO EN RIVM rond de Mexicaanse griep in 2009

A dutch documentary critical with the declaration of the N1H1 ‘pandemic’
(14 minutes, no subtitles (yet)

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More references





See also: Vaccines, reasonable doubts >

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