¿Es real el covid-19? Una teoría para entenderlo todo.

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Pandemic? Reasonable doubt.

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Pandemic? Reasonable doubt.

Reasonable doubt: WHO? – Pandemic? – Vaccines? – New Normal? – WHY? WHO was wrong declaring the N1H1 ‘pandemic’ in 2009… How do we know they are not wrong about Covid-19 in 2020? Many Medical Doctors opposed the declaration of […]

WHO poll – What’s Eur Opinion?

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WHO is the highest international authority for health in the world. Countries and governments essentially have to follow their recommandations.

A ‘new normal’? Reasonable doubt

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A ‘new’ normal? With the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ as excuse, we are told by the authorities that after the lockdown we will have to live under a “New Normal”. For some people the lockdown served actually as a welcome period of […]

WHO? Reasonable doubt.

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Most countries of the world went into lockdown and are now hurrying to find a vaccine because the WHO declared a ‘Pandemic’ for the Covid-19, as they mistakenly did for N1H1 in 2009.

Really? Reasonable doubt

By Euradmin | 24 August 2020 | Comments Off on Really? Reasonable doubt

Reasonable Doubt WHO? – Pandemic? – Vaccines? – New Normal? – WHY? The news from the traditional/corporate media like tv, radio, newspapers and on the internet Google/YT, FB/WA/IG and Twitter (all together also known as MSM, the Main Stream Media) do […]

WHY? Reasonable doubt.

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Why would the WHO declare a false pandemic and propose a new normal  while waiting for vaccines as a supposed miracle solution to an alleged problem. And how is it that large corporations and governments accept and support only this […]

Vaccines? Reasonable doubt.

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Vaccines? Reasonable doubt.

A first simple observation… The US is the country (its pharma industry) with the highest increase in vaccines use over the last decades. It is also the country: – with the greatest increase in death-rates over the last decades. – […]

2009 N1H1 pandemic was unfounded. Same for 2020 Covid19-Corona virus?

By Euradmin | 9 June 2020 | 1 Comment
Corona Covid19 pandemic doubts

Subtitles EN, ES, IT NL How do you rate this video? Highlights of the video Historical background of the WHO in relation to the declaration of the Corona pandemic in 2020, the second pandemic ever declared. 11 june 2009– World […]



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