The virus was manipulated

Easy to understand?
Learned from it?

驴Es real el covid-19? Una teor铆a para entenderlo todo.

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驴Es real el covid-19 o es un fraude global? Una teor铆a para entenderlo todo.
No estamos confinados a causa del virus. Estamos confinados a causa de lo que nos han CONTADO sobre el virus.

Vaccine doubts

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Vaccines, reasonable doubts and/or lack of transparency. European Lopalco vs Mamma Ambra Fedrigo No-vax: ‘Rapporto Glaxo’ Vaccini. Il ragionevole dubbio – Ambra Fedrigo. Quello che non puoi sapere, ma che non puoi ignorare Il mondo dopo il Coronavirus: una irripetibile […]

A ‘new’ normal? Reasonable doubt.

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A ‘new’ normal? If one has to believe the news from the traditional media –like national tv, radio and newspapers (aka MSM)– then only one view regarding the Coronavirus or Covid 19 outbreak and pandemic seems to exist: There IS […]

No need for masks and social distancing and worse for health? Prof Dolores Cahill with Del Bigtree 鈥 extract

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Should you really wear a mask? for Corona virus...

Subtitles EN, ES, IT, NL (click [ CC ]聽 in video) How do you rate this video? Transcript of video Transcript EN I’m joined by Professor Dolores Cahill right now. You have quite a background,can you maybe in, like 60 […]

VACCINES, the largest theft of the world | Robert Kennedy Jr.

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Vaccines, the largest theft of the world - Robert-Kennedy-Jr

Subtitles EN, ES, IT, NL (click [ CC ]聽 in video)   How do you rate this video? Transcript of video VACCINES The largest theft of the world. You all are gonna stay in the house until we have a […]

VACCINES The unauthorized truth | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree – DayStar TV

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vaccines the unauthorized truth

How do you rate this video? Transcript of video VACCINES The unauthorized truth Governments around the world have responded in force to the Corona virus outbreak. There are now growing calls for mandatory vaccinations. The danger with the corona virus […]

Corona Crisis, just the wake-up call?

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Corona virus is just a symptom

Coronavirus may only be the messenger, just a symptom of a greater disease. Maybe we should see it as a wake-up call and try to learn its lesson to emerge from it as a wiser society and return to the […]

Corona Crisis and Tax Evasion / Bank Secrecy

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Imagine if, right now 鈥撀燼s the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the world 鈥撀爂overnments had access to the $800 billion in lost tax revenue that’s currently sitting in offshore tax havens?聽

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