Shot down by watercanon

(goo non-human translation, sorry)

Transformation – from aggression to love

Certainly, there are people who were far too aggressive on January 24 at the museum square in Amsterdam and in Eindhoven and throughout the country. I didn’t recognize the atmosphere of the informed and concerned citizens of the summer of 2020 where sometimes there were demonstrations without romeos and without soccer supporters. ‘Women for Freedom’ at Lepelenburg in Utrecht and on the museum square was downright loving, also with the passionate words of Isa Kriens.

But on the side of the police there is clearly also aggression. Not only with the plain-clothes Romeos, but also on the side of the people behind the water cannons’ board computers, there were things that were totally not ok. A woman who carefully tried to get past them in Eindhoven, was with a push of a button of 3 seconds, totally sprayed under and now has fractures in her skull and had to be treated for 4 hours in the hospital. This evokes very violent reactions. video]

However, I hope that these reactions of shock, sadness and anger are not transformed into aggressive acts by anyone, because we should gradually come out of this neanderthal cycle, otherwise there will be no progress.

What I would like best is for Mr. or Mrs. robot behind the spraying machine to become human again and to visit this woman with her injuries and to offer sincere apologies. And that she would then forgive him or her after expressing what it did to them. From both sides. That is how aggression can be transformed into love.

So rapprochement instead of more distance.

It is perhaps somewhat exaggerated, but that whole spray truck with all its unwieldiness is starting to remind me of those walking fighting machines the so-called AT ATs from Star Wars V.

Surely that is the textbook example of dehumanization? Let’s take that as a warning and come closer together again.

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Posted on 28/01/2021

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