Dr. Andrew Wakefield – VAXXED! From cover-up to catastrophe. (EN->ES)


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This is the controversial documentary on Vaccines by Dr. Andrew Wakefield that is insistently, systematically and one-sidedly being disqualified, censored and banned by the world’s dominant Main Stream Media: TV, newspapers, Google/Youtube, Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram, Amazon, Wikipedia and such.

They allow themselves to do this because they consider themselves as standing above the greatest human right: Freedom of Speech which also includes Freedom of Press, Freedom of information, Transparency of entities (goverments and companies) while at the same time respecting individual people’s privacy, yet another right they deem themselves superior to.

We think Europa and the rest of the world should free itself of this typically US authoritarian, paternalistic control-obsession as a way of trying to impose on you what to believe, what to do and how to live. We think people are smart and wise enough to decide for themselves what they believe as long as they can access all points of view by their own choice and in mature and responsible liberty.


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Posted on 03/07/2020

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