Two Steps from Hell

The title of this beautiful, emotional epic collection describes, in a certain sense, the situation of our beloved Planet Earth today, this week, this year. Because if we do not take care (NOW) climate warming and breakdown most surely will create a climatic situation that may resemble hell around the year 2030.

Fortunately, as in every epic story, there are heroes that may well help to save us from this fate, reflected by titles like the initial Heart of Courage, directly followd by Protectors of the Earth (= StopEcocide and in fact used by Polly Higgins to explain their mission) and very soon after: Victory. And might The Strength of a Thousand Man possibly refer to a woman? This fits in very well too. Let’s just hope these titles and symbology turn out to be a premonition.

For completeness, the tracklist (links to original on yt):

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Posted on 17/04/2020

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