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StopEcocide/Mission Life Force – How you can help. Jojo Mehta

Welcome to Mission LifeForce.

We are funding a law
to protect our Earth,

uniting across the globe
as legal Trustees.

We are Earth Protectors.

How can you help?

First and foremost by accepting the mission…

and becoming an Earth Protector yourself.

The link is in the YouTube description…

and of course on the website

Share the mission on social media.

You can share the animation,
the teaser trailer…

or even just the link to the website.

Become a Facebook ambassador
for the mission.

This means that any story we put out
can be seen on your Facebook Timeline.

If you’re in one of the
Small Island Developing States…

or other climate vulnerable States
your help is key here.

If you’re an activist please check out
the Activist Toolkit section of our website,

where you can find out
how the Trust Fund document…

can be directly of use to you,
a conscientious protector, in court.

Put the word out
in the networks you connect with…

about the particular ecocide you are facing.

These are the communities
which can help you build…

the dossier of evidence
that you will require.

You may want to start
a dedicated Facebook group to help with this,

either for your area
or with respect to the ecocide that you face.

Let us know as we would love
to link to your group on the website.

Offer your skills or support in person:

you might be able to help
with legal translation,

or you might be a reporter
on the frontline of ecocide…

or in one of the cities where
key meetings are taking place…

and could help us with coverage.

You might like to volunteer for a while
at our heartquarters in the UK.

Check out which skills we are looking for…

by going to the special section
in our Community and News pages.

Beyond this it’s over to you.

We’ve had people hold local events
called Heartwaves:

playing the videos,
talking about the mission…

and having people to sign up
right then and there.

Some people have given talks,
others have recorded songs,

others still have held exhibitions
or cabaret nights…

to raise awareness
or to raise funds.

Do let us know what it is you get up to.

And don’t wait for permission! 😉

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Posted on 04/02/2020

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