1) StopEcocide/Mission LifeForce – Law Is Upside Down

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Right now, law is upside down.

Ecosystems are being destroyed
by dangerous industrial activity, which is legal.

Those standing up to protect their
communities are criminalized.

But we can realign law,

helping make ecocide an international crime

and protecting those protectors.

Law is like a pyramid.

Soft law, like the Paris agreement,
is unenforceable.

It cannot protect us.

Civil law, where we find most environmental
regulation also does not protect us.

Suing companies is expensive and difficult.

Corporations simply budget for it
and continue to pollute.

Only criminal law can stop the harm.

124 states are parties to the Rome Statute,

the governing document
for international criminal law.

Any signatory Head of State
can propose an amendment.

When two-thirds of states sign up
it becomes law.

There is no veto,
no time limit…

and all state parties, however small,
have an equal vote.

Small, climate-vulnerable states therefore have a
unique incentive to put forward this amendment.

This is the legal fast lane,

but it costs money
those small states don’t have.

But between us, we do.

By signing up online to a legal document,
we become trustees of the Earth,

while gifting funds to finance
those very same small States.

And because this document
is legally valid across the globe,

wherever activists are arrested
they can present it in court.

They can speak out
about the ecocide they are facing…

and why they choose to stand up to it.

The document creates an opportunity
for any judge with a conscience,

as they may use it as grounds to acquit.

When this starts happening,
the Earth Protectors Defence has a precedent…

and a new Life Force is unleashed.

It’s simple and powerful.

A legal Rebel Alliance of Earth Protectors…

coming together to realign law
with a higher moral code.

Protecting the earth.
Protecting our communities.

Protecting the protectors.

May the Life Force be with us.

StopEcocide.earth (formerly MissionLifeForce.org)

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Posted on 03/02/2020

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