Kary Mullis sobre Fauci: “él no sabe nada sobre nada realmente…” (EN►EN/ES/IT/NL)

Kary Mullis sobre Fauci en esta entrevista:

“…no sabe realmente nada de nada…”
“…y se lo diría a la cara.”

Lamentablemente, Kary Mullis murió sólo unas semanas antes de que su invento, la prueba PCR, se utilizara a escala mundial para “diagnosticar” el Covid-19, lo que permitió a la OMS declarar la “pandemia”, que ahora ha conducido al caos médico, político y social mundial en el que vivimos.
Así que, desgraciadamente, nunca sabremos qué diría el propio Kary sobre este uso de su invento. ¿Tal vez este vídeo nos dé una pista?

Kary Mullis website: https://www.karymullis.com/

Y SÍ!! el 14 de diciembre de 2020 la OMS ajusta su política de PCR! Gracias a la acusación de Reiner Fuellmich y al documento de retractación del Dr. Peter Borger.


Reasonable doubtWHO? – Pandemic? – Vaccines? – New Normal? – WHY? – Enough!

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Transcript of video


It wants to go
to all the details and stuff…

Guys like Fauci get up there
and start talking.

You know, he don’t know anything
really about anything…

and I’d say that to his face.


The man thinks you can take a blood sample
and stick it in an electron microscope…

and if it got a virus in there
you’ll know it.

He doesn’t understand

and he doesn’t understand medicine.

He should not be in the position
like he is in.

Most of those guys up there
on the top are just total…

administrative people
and they don’t know…

anything about
what’s going on in the body.

Those guys have got an agenda,

which is not
what we would like them to have…

being that we pay for them
to take care of our health.

They’ve got
a personal kind of agenda.

They make up their own rules
as they go.

They change them when they want to.

And they smugly, like Tony Fauci,
does not mind going on television…

in front of the people
who pay his salary…

and lie directly into the camera.

You can’t expect the sheep…

to really respect
the best and the brightest.

They don’t know the difference really.

I like humans, don’t get me wrong,
but, basically,

there is a vast,
a vast majority of them…

do not posess the ability to judge…

who is and who isn’t
a really good scientist.

That’s the main problem actually
with science, I’d say, in this century.

Because the science is being judged
by people.

Funding is being done by people,
who don’t understand it.

Who do we trust?

Fauci doesn’t know enough, you know.

If Fauci wants to get on television
with somebody…

who knows a little bit about this stuff
and debate ‘m.

He could easily do it
’cause he’s been asked.

I mean, I’ve had a lot of people…..

The president of the university
of south-Carolina asked Fauci…

if he’d come down there…

and debate me on stage
in front of the student body.

Because I wanted somebody
who was from the other side…

to come down there and balance my (view)
because I felt like…

well, these guys can listen to me
but I need to have…

somebody else down here
that’s going to tell the other side.

But he didn’t want to do it…


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