Israel epicentrum for experimental mRNA (EN ► EN/ES/IT/NL)

(subtitled in NL for Stichting Vaccinvrij)

Scary developments in Israel may just be the “trailer” of what will be coming soon to other countries. Specially in Europa with the anounced threat of a “Green Passport”.

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Video transcript

This is Michael Ganoe with Insight Israel
and Chocolate for Heroes.

I’m here in Haifa,
we’re going to do a shooting for a movie,

I’m the lead role in.

People need to know what’s happening
here in Israel.

I just got unblocked from facebook
after 30 days.

I have to be careful
about everything I say,

because I could be blocked again.

Right now the government is
using administrative justice…

to monitor facebook, youtube, instagram,
whatsapp and telegram.

They’re blocking, banning and deleting…

and they’ll even criminally prosecute
anyone that has any negative voice…

against the ‘vaccine’ that’s litterally…

not by governments standards
but by government advertisement,

anything negative said
about the ‘vaccine’.

This is not a vaccine in the truest
international medical definition.

This is a synthetic drug.

It hasn’t been tested,
it hasn’t been tried.

But because Israel is leading the way
in this ‘vaccination’…

they want everyone vaccinated,
that’s the goal.

Right now,
if you don’t take the vaccination…

you’re segregated.

In your job.

Your job, your employment
is being threatened.

There are principles of schools
that are saying…

if your child isn’t vaccinated
they can not come to school.

And all this is illegal.

It’s illegal by the law.

The government is doing nothing
to step in and stop it.

They’re rolling over
the rights of individuals…

to choose what goes in their body.

The prime minister wants to make this
the epicenter of the world,

‘vaccine’ epicenter.

It wants to and it will move
ModeRNA and Pfizer factories here…

and this will be
the main distribution point.

You cannot buy, sell or travel
in this country…

and have freedom
unless you’re ‘vaccinated’.

The green passport is being promoted…

here in Israel to the EU…

who will have the green passport
starting before the summer.

Folks! There’s been half of the country
that’s been ‘vaccinated’ already.

And the atmosphere here
is pitting jews against jews.

The one’s that are vaccinated
they still have to wear a mask…

they still have to social distance…

they blame ones
that haven’t ‘vaccinated’…

for the continued problems
here in Israel,

when it’s the government
that’s locking everything down.

For example in the state of Florida
they’re wide open.

They have 22 million people in Florida
and the state’s wide open,

children are going to school…

there’s no forced mask…

there’s no forced ‘vaccinations’.

Here in Israel there’s only
9 million people…

and the atmosphere that’s here
is unbelievable.

Those who will not comply
with the government…

are being segregated,
prosecuted, ostracized.

And it’s ungodly.

The religious say that this ‘vaccine’
is from god.

It’s from Bill Gates,

it’s from the World Economic Forum,
that Bill is part of.

This is not a secret.

They’re goal is, Bill Gates,
if you study his whole history…

is about population control.

I don’t know how much time
I have left in the country…

I’ve been saying this for a few months,
but I know…

my time is growing shorter and shorter.

For those that are vaccinated
I’ve nothing to say.

For those who haven’t
for fighting for your freedom…

you can’t imagine the pressure
that is on these people all day.

They need your prayers,
they’re reaching out to the outside world.

But this time there is nothing to say
of any of us, except for God.

We should not be forced…

to put an experimental drug,
a synthetic drug…

that the government
is not responsible for….

if something happens to your child
if something happens to you…

the government takes no responsibility.

If something happens to you or your child
or you family, your friends, your loved ones…

you can’t sue the manufacturer,
the laws are al ready in place.

You should not be forced to take something
and this is just the beginning.

They’re already saying…

that in six month you have to get another,
then another.

I’ve been doing videos
for an entire year about this…

and the steps that are being taken…

to undermine our freedom…

to diminish our rights
as individuals.

My rights come from God
and not from government.

And I am the determiner
of my destiny…

and my eternity.

Please pray for the jewish people,
those that are fighting for their freedom.

The government controls the media.

They started a political party
seeking for human rights.

And the government…

the head of the party was a doctor
they stripped him of his medical licencse…

they’ve silenced him…

the media is not allowed
to interview them…

they’re ostracized here.

Folks, you’d better know
what’s coming to your country.

It’s tyranny,
that’s all that it is.

This is Michael Ganoe
with insight to Israel.

We pray for God to deliver us
and bring us freedom.

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