Do NOT take this vaccine! Warning from more than 20 international doctors.

Do NOT take the vaccine.
A whole bunch of medical doctors all around the world warn us for the dangers of covid vaccination.

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Medical doctors that appear in this video, agreeing that the covid vaccin is dangerous:

  1. Dr. Andrew Kaufman,
  2. dr. Hilde de Smet,
  3. Dr. Elizabeth Evans,
  4. Dr, Mohamed Adil,
  5. Dr. Vernon, Coileman,
  6. Dr. Prof. Dolores Cahill,
  7. Dr. Anna Forbes,
  8. Dr. Ralf Sundberg,
  9. Dr. Johan Dennis,
  10. Dr. Daniel Cullum,
  11. Dr. Moritz von der Borg,
  12. Dr. Anna Fierlafijn,
  13. Dr. Kevin Corbett,
  14. Dr. Carrie Madej,
  15. Dr. Barre Lando,
  16. Kate Shemirani,
  17. Dr. Sandi Lunoe,
  18. Boris Dragin,
  19. Dr. Boris Rubas,
  20. Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo,
  21. Dr. Nour de San,
  22. Dr Rashid Buttar,
  23. Kelly Brogan,
  24. Prof. Konstantin Pavlidis


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