Andrew Kaufman in The HighWire

Andrew Kaufman in conversation in the High Wire with Del Bigtree. It’s worth its 40 minutes!

A few points:

  • No virus has ever been proven, not even Sars-CoV-2.
    Probably what one sees as a virus is a reaction of the body itself to external influences such as toxins (exosomes). This is substantiated by the relatively large number of victims in areas with very poor air quality such as northern Italy and Wuhan.
  • The PCR test cannot measure a virus that has never been proven, what the test measures is repair material from the body itself on the aforementioned external influences.
  • It is called the Sars-Cov-2 virus and the disease it causes Covid-19, based on symptoms, which are also treated randomly.
  • Social isolation puts people in a mental state that causes disease. (the lockdown is guilty of this)
  • The lack of scientific research is baffling, ‘as if one does not want it to be sorted out’.
  • Probably everything that happens is based on a plan to change the world, Kaufman points to the World Economic Forum, Event/Agenda 201 et cetera.
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Posted on 21/10/2020

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