VACCINES, the largest theft of the world | Robert Kennedy Jr.

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Transcript of video VACCINES
The largest theft of the world. You all are gonna stay in the house
until we have a vaccine.

It’s not gonna be safe to come out.

That is a tremendous power to tell people.

Robert Kennedy Jr.
Destroys Big Pharma. Everybody’s saying listen to the scientists
but… there is a flaw there. The CNN reports every year
that the flu deaths in this country (US)…

…were between 60.000 and 90.000.

And they’ll say:
“It’s worse then ever.” It could be 95.000 deaths this year of flu
so: “Take your flu shot.” And if you go around and ask people if you
actually know someone that has ever died of the flu?

Most people tell you, no.

If 95.000 people were dying every year of flu
we’d all know people who died of the flu. The truth is that the year they said 95.000,
which was two years ago,

…there were 2.000 people who died of the flu.

The average death rate of the flu
over the past 20 years, …is around a 1.000 people a year.
What they do is, …they conflate the mortality morbidity data
for pneumonia, with the flu. And only 7 percent of pneumonia cases
are actually caused by the flu, of pneumonia deaths, …the rest of them
are non-flu or respiratory infections.

So CNN just lies about that every year.

They’re supposed to push flu vaccines
they’re supposed to scare the hell out of everybody, …make everybody think they’re gonna die
if they don’t get it.

Well they do that.

And the fact is that the flu does not kill
that many people in this country,

…it’s not a dangerous disease…

…and a flu vaccine causes a lot more harm
than the flu does. The third leading cause of death in this country (US)
is pharmaceutical drugs.

They are not making us healthier.

We have the most aggressive
vaccine schedule in the world in this country (US). And we have the worst health
in our children and adults. One of these women came to my home
in the summer of 2004,

…with a big pile of scientific studies,

She was a psychologist from Minnesota,
named Sarah Bridges, …she had a child,
who had gotten autism from vaccines. The vaccine court recognized
his autism had come from the vaccines.

I was all dumbstruck.

I had a huge delta between what the actual
published peer reviewed science was saying… and what the public health regulators
were telling the public and doctors… … en everybody else
about the safety of vaccines. Vaccines in our country (US),
unlike other medicines, are never safety tested. And the vaccine program
was initially launched… …as a national security defence
against a biological attack on our country. So the regulators of the Pentagon
wanted to make sure that… …if the russians attacked us with Anthrax
or some other biological agent… …they could quickly fabricate and deploy
a vaccine to 200 million people…

…without regulatory impediments.

And so, if we call it a medicine
we’re gonna have to safety-test it…

…and that usually takes two to five years.

“Let’s call it something else,
we’ll call it biologic.” And then we will exempt “Biologics”
from having to do safety testing. The industry, the 4 companies
that make all 72 vaccines… …that are currently mandated
for our children…

…have got another gift…

…that has contributed…

to the lack of safety assesments,

…the lack of safety concerns
of vaccines, and that is…

In 1986 there was a vaccine…

( I got 3 vaccines when I was a kid,
by ’86 there was about 11 of them ) …and one of them was called the DTP vaccine
and it was killing lots and lots of children… …and it was causing brain damage
in a tremendous number of children. And the industry was getting sued,
so Wyeth, which is now called Pfizer, …went to congress and said
we are getting out of vaccine industry… …’cause we’re getting 20 dollars in damages
for every 1 dollar we make from this vaccine… AND
you CANNOT make a vaccine safely! It is IMPOSSIBLE
to make a vaccine that’s completely safe… …you are gonna injure
a certain amount of people… …and the injuries are going to be grievious enough
that nobody will ever make any money on vaccines, …because they have to pay more on injuries
and we can’t make them better. And we are going to get out of the industry
all together and stop making vaccines, …unless you give us complete
blanket immunity from liability. So congress of the democratic congress,
republican president Reagan… …all of them taking lots of money
from these pharmaceutical companies,

…the number one contributor,

…pass the law in 1986 called the vaccine act
or VICA (= NCVIA?) which gave blanket immunity, so no matter how grievous your injury
or your child’s injury… …no matter how toxic ingredient
no matter how sloppy the line protocols…

…no matter how negligent that company…


or redress, so there’s no discovery.
there’s no depositions… …there’s no medical malpractice,
there’s no class actions. Zero consequence if they kill you
or if they injure you for life. More…

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