VACCINES, the largest theft of the world | Robert Kennedy Jr.

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Who is WHO (World Health Organization)?

Most countries of the world went into lockdown and are now hurrying to find a vaccine because the WHO declared the Pandemic for the Corona virus.

Vaccines? Reasonable doubt.

Vaccines? Reasonable doubt.

A first simple observation… The US is the country (its pharma industry) with the highest increase in vaccines use over the last decades. It is also the country: – with the greatest increase in death-rates over the last decades. – […]

A ‘new’ normal? Reasonable doubt.

A ‘new’ normal? If one has to believe the news from the traditional media –like national tv, radio and newspapers (aka MSM)– then only one view regarding the Coronavirus or Covid 19 outbreak and pandemic seems to exist: There IS […]

Why Big Pharma and Bill Gates want NO liability over vaccines.


How do you rate this video? Transcript of video Children’s Health Defense Why are the top vaccine advocates in the world… warning the public aboutthe unique and frighteing dangers… …of the coronavirus vaccine? Scientists first attempted coronavirus vaccinesafter China’s 2002 […]

¿Es real el covid-19? Una teoría para entenderlo todo.

¿Es real el covid-19 o es un fraude global? Una teoría para entenderlo todo.
No estamos confinados a causa del virus. Estamos confinados a causa de lo que nos han CONTADO sobre el virus.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, yet another MEDICAL Doctor WHO doesn’t believe Covid 19

Dr. Andrew Kaufman lost his job recently because he refused to conform to the ideas that he didn’t think were true about COVID-19.

The virus was manipulated

How do you rate this video? Transcript of video nothing (yet) Original description Virólogo y premio nobel francés Luc Montagnier asegura que el virus fue manipulado en un laboratorio de bioseguridad, por lo cual no es de origen animal. French […]

VAXXED! From cover-up to catastrophe.

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