Julian Assange speech, 2011 New Statesman/Frontline Club debate

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Julian Assange, WikiLeaks co-founder and editor in chief, speaks at the New Statesman/Frontline Club debate on the motion: “This house believes whistle-blowers make the world a safer place.”

Speakers for the proposition were Julian Assange; Mehdi Hasan, senior editor (politics) of the New Statesman; Clayton Swisher, head of al-Jazeera’s transparency unit. Speakers for the opposition were: David Richmond, former director for British defence and intelligence and member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Board; Bob Ayers, former director of the US department of defence information systems security programme; Douglas Murray, author and political commentator. The event took place on 9 April 2011, Kensington Town Hall, London. This footage was filmed exclusively for the New Statesman. Video direction: Michael Taylor, Big Face Art.

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Posted on 21/08/2020

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