FireFest 11/09/2021

Get a taste with FireFest now, 11 september,
of FreeFest later, in spring 2022.

share your Fire!

To all free spirits.

Twenty years after the event that marked the beginning of a period in which messages of fear and separation were conveyed, the FreeFest team launches an appeal we call Fire Fest.

While preparing FreeFest for spring 2022 where we all can meet in the same place for a whole week, we thought it would be nice to start connecting at the same day and time in a thousand different places now, on the symbolic date of 11 september!

So, we invite you to light many bonfires together with us to celebrate a new beginning, exactly at 11:11 pm. (23:11)

The flame, atavistic symbol of light, feeds the forge of ideas, proposals, strategies, projects to write the first pages of a new chapter in which freedom is the new driving force.

We invite you to participate on a voluntary basis, choosing the place with which you feel most in tune.

The FreeFest team will light a fire in the heart of Italy, in the biodynamic agricultural farm S.Margherita, in the municipality of Monteroni d’Arbia (SI).

On the map you will find all the points where the bonfires will be lit. (see official FreeFest page)

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Posted on 06/09/2021

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