FireFest 11 september 2021, share (y)our Fire! ♥

Share (y)our Fire humanity-wide!

The FireFest team (Italy) wants to declare and welcome 11 September 2021,
as an entrance into a new and awake era, and celebrate it with bonfires.
We call on everyone to join us in lighting a fire, big or small, to celebrate this humanity-wide.


Upload a photo of your own bonfire to share with everyone.
( Preferibly on 11 september 2021 at 11:11 in the evening,
but all september bonfires are welcome  )

1. Light (y)our Fire
to declare and celebrate a new era for humanity

2. Take a photo of/with your Fire
and share it here to have all Fires together

3. Share it human-wide ♥
with reference

To upload your photo here, just hit the green button below the pictures:
– Title: your name, group or short wish
– Category: please leave it on FireFest
– Tag: your city, country (in your language)
Sharing and showing our collective declaration and celebration will be a strong first step for humanity to really wake up and create this new era.

Towards a wiser global society?

The restrictions of the past year and a half granted a unique period of reflection to all of us, individually and collectively.
And if you also have reached the conclusion:

  • that humanity should be free and awake,
  • that we have to defend our constitutional rights and liberties,
  • and that the first step is showing that we are on Fire…

then declare and celebrate a new era, together with FireFest and share it with the world.

Thank you ♥
The FireFest team

Remembering the wise words of Carl Sagan 1980, already 40 years ago! With his accurate reference to Supersticion, Greed and Stupidity… Shall we finally leave them behind now?

Light my/our/your Fire!



Disclaimer: is just a personal website and still under development. I simply put it at the disposal of FireFest and everybody “as is”. I take no other responsibility than for my own posts. I can’t give any guarantee beyond the standard security of WordPress but I collect no data and participation is totally voluntary, although recommended 😉 Improving structure for easy finding, sharing and watching is constant work in progress.

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