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Degradable? Compostable?

This chapter looks for understandable answers to what (bio)degradable or compostable actually means. Not in the linguistic sense, but in the sense of what those words actually mean when you find them printed on bags or packaging. And whether or not this means it is safe for nature and ecological systems.

Most probably 90% of the population will think that bio-degradable means you can just throw the bag or the packaging in your back yard or even in the sea with the idea that within a month it will have disappeared. This would be indeed the most logical interpretation of the term bio-degradable.

However, in most cases this idea is wrong. Generally degradablity and/or compostability only works under very specific and controlled circumstances of temperature, humidity and environment. In a natural environment your bio-plastic would still need years to really be degraded. Even disposing of plastics is industrial issue.

It’s a chapter that still needs further investigation and, probably, regulation.


Life cycle of degradable/compostable plastic?
compostaggio industriale 02 mela decompone in 3 mesi 2






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