Dr. Andrew Kaufman, yet another MEDICAL Doctor WHO doesn’t believe Covid 19

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The Corona or Covid-19 virus has actually not scientifically been proved to exist. Reports may give indications of probability, but never really confirmed.

So basically: no virus, no epidemic, no masks, no distance, no lockdown and no vaccines!

In any case, it’s always better to trust your natural immune system than any vaccine.
But therefore you do have to take care of what you put in your body, so no junkfood, junkdrinks or packaged junk-stuff (literally) from the supermarkets. Almost all processed food and drinks are full of Glyphosate, which is Roundup, the same stuff used to kill weeds. You don’t want to have that in your body, it tears down your immune system!

Toxines in practically all vaccines

  • Aluminum
    enhances antibody reaction/creation precisely because it is so toxic
  • Mercury
    one of the most toxic non radio active substances known
  • PolySorbate 80
    opens up the blood-brain barrier so more “stuff” can get into the brain

Vaccines are not well tested!

Transcript of the video Should anyone including the vulnerable and elderly
even be remotely concerned about this Covid-19?

I don’t believe so, no.

Now hold on, hold on, hold on.

I know that some of you may be thinking
this some a crazy conspiracy theory… …and you still might think that
by the end of this video… …but please,
for the sake of your life… …for the sake of your health
and for the sake of your families health… …at least give this video a chance,
that’s all I’m asking. I ask you to watch this video
all the way through…

…with an open mind and open ears.

And please reserve you judgements
until the end of the video. What’s presented in this video,
is Dr. Andrew Kaufmans perspective… …on what’s actually going on
with Covid-19. This my friends you will not find
in the Main Stream Media… …which is why I wanted to present you
this information. The Main Stream Media no longer
has full control over the information…

…that we, the people, have access to.

No longer do we just have black-box tv,
we have phones, we have computers, …that we can do our own research
and make your own decisions about. And that my friend,
is the beauty of the world we live in today. Dr. Andrew Kaufman is a graduate from
the Medical University of south-Carolina. with also a bachelors of science in
molecular biology from MIT. He has conducted and published
original research as well as lecturiing… …mentoring and supervising medical students
as well as fellows in all psychiatric specialties. Dr. Kaufman recently lost his job
as a practicing doctor, because… he refused to conform
to what he did not believe about Covid-19. He risked his carreer for this
so I think the least you can do… …is lend him
your open mind and open ears… …and just try to understand
where he’s coming from and his perspective. So without further ado,
let’s get into the interview.

Dr. Kaufman I appreciate you being here.

No problem, my pleasure.

First off Dr. Kaufman, should I be concerned
for my safety and health right now? Because you’re not wearing a mask
and I’m pretty close to you. Should I be even
remotely concerned about this?

Not in my opinion, no.

Why do you think that?

Why do you choose not to wear a mask?

Well, there are many, many reasons.

Masks are actually bad for your health.

And there are a lot of psycological reasons
I choose not to wear one.

But really underlying it is:

…one, there is no medical evidence
that masks are beneficial, …and there is no evidence
of any pandemic right now, …of any new disease
there is no evidence of a new virus, …there is no connection
that a virus is causing disease, so…

…what is the reason to wear a mask?

Why is the Main Stream Media (MSM)
pushing this message so blatently, like… …I need to wear a mask to protect
everyone’s safety and health. Do as I say AND… as I do.
Wear a masssk! It’s that simple. What is the agenda behind this
if this is not true?

Why are they pushing this message?

Well, specifically about the mask
I think there are a number of reasons. Primarily, I think, it’s to seperate
people from each other. Because this is build on the social distancing
and the lockdown procedures… …where we basically require people
to stay at home and not interact with others. And they’ve required people
to stay six feet apart.

And the masks then came after that.

When you come across someone who’s wearing
a mask you can’t read their facial expressions.

You can’t communicate effectively.

So, it really serves to seperate people.

But I believe there are other underlying,
maybe more esoteric, significance of the masks as well.

Masks are used in initiation rituals.

Perhaps you could invision this process
as initiation into a new type of society. And that the participants are actually
going through that process as part of it.

Also masks, result in shame.

People who experience
a high degree of shame, …and I’ve encountered this
many times in my practice of psychiatry,

…that people cover their face.

So, there’s certain hair stiles
or wearing dark glasses…

…or different ways to do this.

But no we’re in this sort of artificial predicament
where people are asked or requested… …to cover their face and sometimes
with the force of law behind it. This creates a situation where you feel shame
about yourself that you have to cover yourself up. Because we’re saying that you’re
a source of danger for other people. So if we walk around and see other people
as a danger to our health and safety… obviously we are not gonna able
to have normative social relationships, …like we are meant to
as human beings. Why would they want to create separation
and distance from each other? Why is this happening?
Why are they wanting to do this?

Well, I think there are several reasons.

One simple reason is if people are kept
separate from each other and unable to interact, …then can’t exchange ideas and information
about what may be going on right now, …so it would be easier to control people
and have them accept the main stream narrative. …if they’re separated and isolated
from each other… …and only can relay on
electronic sources of information,

…specifically the main stream media.

But there are also some indications
that it may actually facilitate this tracking software… …like the contact tracing program that they’re
starting off by putting on people’s smartphones. And that you get a clear signal
if people are separated from each other. And they’ve even suggested in many jurisdictions
that when you’re driving cars to keep separate. I’ve seen videos of parking lots
where they’ve actually locked off the space,

so that you have to be two car lenghts.

And this kind of separation
allows a GPS signal, …which could be used for tracing,
to be isolated from one person to another. So, there are multiple potential reasons
for this strategy. The CDC came out recently saying, that 99,74 %
of people that get Corona virus, actually survive. So my question is, if 99,74 % of people
are going to survive…

…what’s the big fuzz about?

Obviously that doesn’t really make sense.

But I don’t think that you can even
trust those numbers… …because the thing is,
how you get the bottom number of that? Which is, how many people
have actually been infected? They’re relying principally
on one or two tests, …but these test
actually don’t measure a virus…

…and they have no known accuracy rate…

…because they were never
compared to a gold standard test… …where they actually demonstrate a virus
and then compare this test, …like the PCR test for example,
it detects RNA. And they say the RNA is from the virus
but if you look closely at the papers… …they never isolated a virus
and took RNA out of it. Instead they took an RNA sequence
from a realy messy sample of lung fluid… …that had many, many souces
of RNA and DNA in there. They used a probe from a database
that they already identified as being viral… …and said, because some sequence
is close to this probe or these other viruses,

…that it’s a virus, but…

that’s a far cry from proving
that it actually comes from a virus. So when they do these tests
there is no known accuracy. There was one attempt of trying to
calculate an error rate and that study showed… …that there was an eighty percent
false positive rate. It was subsequently
redacted or withdrawn… …but, like I said, there is really no way
to calculate an error rate… …because there is nothing
to compare it to. I would say, the best estimation of the error rate
is that it is 0 % accurate, these tests. So, we’re testing people and when they’re positive
we’re saying that they’re a case of Covid… …and using that as the bottom number
to calculate a mortality rate…

…but it’s extremely inaccurate…

…because there is no proof that that test
measures anything related to a disease. So we really are operating
on a shot in the dark with respect to that. But if we look at the overall mortality numbers,
like the all-cause mortality. I think that’s the most reliable way
to look at this… …since there is so much uncertainty
in whether this diagnosis is real or not… and they haven’t even shown a virus
in scientific studies. So if you look at the overall mortality,
what you can see is… …that it’s essentially the same this year
as it has been in the previous years. On the CDC website they have a page
where they compare the year-to-date mortality… …from this year,
like from january first to the present,

to the average of the last three years.

I’ve been monitoring this
for weeks and weeks… and essentially it is either a little bit less
than that average or a little bit more… ….by a couple of percentage points
either way and it’s been hovering. So essentially we have the same exact
number of people dying this year…

…as compared to previous years.

So that tells me that there is no evidence
of a new disease… …or at least not a new disease
that would cause any deaths… …because if it did we would see a surge
in the number of deaths this year…

…compared to previous years.

So we are talking about something that
hasn’t really conclusively resulted…

…in even one death.

And yet we’re having these extreme,
unprescedented measures. A lot of people have compared
the mortality to the seasonal flu. Even Dr. Fauci wrote in a
New England Journal of Medicine editorial… on february 28th that this Covid pandemic
was akin to a seasonal flu…

…and he listed a 0.1% mortality rating.

And just to put that in perspective,
the overall population like even you or I, in this year we have
a 0.9 % chance of dying. Now of course being young and healthy
you’re probably on the lower end of that curve… …and people who are enfermed
with multiple illnesses are higher than that number.

But this is the all-people 0.9 %.

So if there’s any illness that has
a mortality lower… …than the rate of mortality
of the general population…

…it’s not a harmful disease.

Based upon thtat I really can’t say
that these extreme authoritarian measures… …that removed our first amendmend rights
have anything to do with an illness.

There must be some other motivation.

Otherwise why wouldn’t we have had
these procedures every year related to the flu? If 99 plus percent of people that get this virus
actually have a good immune system… …and they just catch it
and just get over it… …whty is this vaccine
pushed so heavily?

If the majority of the population…

…would just let their body do
what the body is capable of doing…

…and just use their immune system.

Why is this vaccine been pushed so heavily?

Vaccines have actually never been demonstrated
scientifically to prevent any diseases. If you look historically at diseases like
measles and polio and diphteria… …what you’ll see is that the number of cases
of those illnesses started to come down…

…almost to their base line current level.

In other words, the disease basically disappeared
from the population in the United States… …and that happened before
there was even a vaccine available. Modern vaccines are not even tested
with the standard type of trial… ….that all drugs have to go through
in order to get FDA approval… …which is called a
randomized controlled trial…

…where they have two groups…

…one they give the drug
or therapeutic or vaccine to…

…and the other they give a placebo to.

If you’re doing this with a vaccine trial
the placebo would have to be an injection of… …something inert like just salt water
instead of the vaccine constituents. And then you would follow these people out
and see, between the two groups… …did anybody get the disease that the vaccine
is supposed to prevent… …and then you could compare the two and
determine if the vaccine actually worked.

They don’t do those studies at all for vaccines.

And they give this really backwards reason
where they say it’s unethical to do that… …because the people in the placebo group
would not get the protection… …and since vaccines are so well established
to protect us from disease…

…it would be unethical to subject them to that.

However, that is really a false statement
because there haven’t been any studies… …showing evidence
that vaccines prevent disease. So this is simply a shortcut
to get vaccines on the market more quickly. And the way that they get approval
is by showing that they give it to somebody…

…and they develop an antibody.

But I’ll tell you that if you inject
any foreign substance into a person…

…you’re gonna get antibodies.

You could easily design that to show
that tt meets the same standard as a vaccine. Since there is currently no evidence of a virus
and no evidence of a new disease…

…then the vaccin must be for some other purpose.

These vaccines that they’re trying to develop
at a extremely rapid pace… …i mean, some of these vaccines were
supposedly developed within hours…

…..and now they’re starting to be tested…

…they are a totally different kind
of technology from prior vaccines. In the past vaccines for an alleged viral illness
would contain that virus in some form. Either it would be alive and,
what they call, attenuated… …so ti supposedly was disablled
from causing illness… …or it would be a dead virus
or it would at least be fragments of a virus. But in this case what they’re trying to do
is take just genetic material…

…that they say is from a virus.

In this specific case they say,

…from the virus they’ve called Sars-cov 2
which they have never isolated. They’ve just picked out this piece
of RNA from it… …and constructed that into some kind
of sequence from a really messy source. And they’re saying that they’re
gonna take a gene from that. Like the Madurna vaccine
which is maybe the most well-known. They are taking supposedly
the RNA squence, …the genetic material sequence
from this alleged spike protein. But what they’re gonna do is,
they’re gonna inject that…

..and have some mechanism,

…and there are different technolgies
that supposedly can achieve this, …whereby our own cells
take up this foreign genetic material… …and they are supposed
to actually make the protein product. In other words, we’ll have our own cells
making virus proteins. And that is somehow supposed to
lead to an immune response which they say. But this is the same exact technology
by which they make genetically modified organisms. So I see this as an attempt to make us
a genetically modified organism. I think that there is a lot of leeway
to choose what genetic material… ….and what it’s gonna make
and how it’s gonna affect us… …that this could manipulate
the population in some profound way. I want to ask you, you said:
“You don’t see any evidence of a virus.” But all around the world
there are cases of people getting sick. What is this sickness coming from
if not from Covid-19? Well, people get sick every year
and die every year. Like I said, the death rate is almost 1 %
of the population… …so, in the US it’s
three million people a year, plus! I think, what’s largely happening
is that you see media stories… …where they are
sensationalizing people dying. They’re showing it
and it’s very dramatic… especially if you’re not used to
being around dying people. I’ve worked in many hospitals
in the passed… …and earlier in my carreer
I worked in cancer medicine. And I saw people dying all the time,
many times in horrific circumstances,

so it’s not shocking to me to see this.

I do think though, that people who are labeled
as having Covid in the hospital… …which is almost the only people
in the hospital now… …because they’ve closed all their beds
and hospitals across the world are empty… …for the most part
except for a small number of people. But they’ve changed the procedures
on how they treat these folks. So one major change has to do with
how they support breathing. When you’re managing
someone in the hospital who’s really ill… …the airway and their breathing
is one of the most important things…

…that you always have to monitor.

And they have a procedure
for people who, let’s say, …the oxygen saturation
in their blood drops down… …or they experience
some kind of difficulty breathing. We’ve all seen the nasal canula
they put in your nose with some oxygen… …and they they would have
several steps after that… …different kind of masks
increasing the oxygen percentage. If those thing were uneffective then
they would go to positive airway pressure… …which is a machine that kind of
pushes the air in to some degree. At present they have new protocols
where they’re skipping all of those steps. They’re going right from the nasal canula
to a ventilator. And a ventilator is a machine that
mechanically breathes for you. They have to put a tube down your throat
and connect it to this machine…

and it basically forces air into your chest.

But many of these people
are awake and alert. And you can’t do this
with an awake and alert person… …because they’ll be fighting
against the air coming in. It would be really uncomfortable
and cause all sorts of problems. So they have to put these people
under general anestesia almost… to sedate them, so that the machine
can breath for them. Now it’s well know,
that if you put healthy people on a ventilator…

…that they get injured and even die.

There’s a substantial mortality
from ventilators used inappropriately. Even with very, very sick people, we all know
that not many people come off the ventilator.

Because it’s a treatment of last resort.

But in this case, doing it prematurely,
seems to be accelerating… …the demise of many people
and increases the risk of many complications… There have been some autopsies finding people
that have had blood cloths in their lungs. And when you put someone under
general anesthesia and a ventilator… you actually substantially
increase the risk of blood cloths. So, that could be one thing
that’s happening. And then there’ve also been
several reports… …of what you might call
neglect of Covid patients in the hospital. That, for example, they’re putting pressure
on these patients to do… …do not resescitate orders so that
they don’t have advanced life saving measures. There are also reports and accounts
of medical personelle that say… …they’re basically not really responding
to the needs of those patients. Perhaps it’s out of fear
of getting sick themself… …or perhaps they’ve been directed
by the hospital administration. There was always this thing
when I used to practice called the “slow code”. It was basically
that someone was so sick… …that you knew the change of reviving them
was very, very slim. And it would take quite a lot of effort
and rigamorole to do that… …and possibly even make it
worse for the person… …like make it uncomfortable
going through their death. So, there was this informal procedure
called the “slow code” where… everybody would just take their time
getting to that patient… …because they knew
they were going to die anyway. And I think this is the kind of thing we are seeing
in some hospitals with Covid patients. So they make them a DNR
they neglect them compared to the usual… …and then when they’re in distress
they kind of take their time getting there. So, all of these different ways that they’re
approaching and treating these patients… …can definitely increase the risk
that these people are gonna die. So my question is,
why would these hospitals… ,,,be intentionally harming
people that are at risk of dying? Why would they intentionally be putting
ventilators down that are harming them?

What is the motive behind this?

Well, it’s quiet interesting
but I think, you know, …people that were following this
from earlier on… …before there was really anybody
even diagnosed with this in the US… …they were talking about
ventilator shortages. I mean, General Motors started
manufacturing ventilators. It’s kind of weird for a car company
to start manufacturing ventilators… …just in time for a pandemic
that supposedly needs ventilators. I remember governor Cuomo
from New York getting on there saying… …how they needed
twenty thousand more ventilators. So, this sort of mindset started early on
that ventilators are gonna be requiered…

…to treat these patients.

And then, later on, you had the medicare
reimbursemend scheme… …which basically said that
they’re gonna pay a higher reimbursement…

…one, if you have diagnosis of Covid 19.

So there was a financial incentive
to diagnose people… …and that diagnosis was supposedly
get a payment of 13.000 dollars… …quite an interesting
number to choose. However, if there was a Covid diagnosed patient
who you treated with a ventilator… …now the reimbursement went up
three times to 39.000 dollars. So, if you have the situation where
all these hospitals basically were… …seemingly ordered
or made the decision. I don’t think they independently
made the decision… …because the same policy
was instituted in every hospital. Where they closed
almost all of their beds… …to regular patients
with regular illnesses, …they cancelled all their elective surgeries
and other procedures. So, this situation was created
where the hospitals were empty… and maybe the hospital officials really
did expect to be filled up with Covid patients… …at the beginning,
but that never ever manifested. So the hospitals
started loosing revenue big time… …and got into very precarious
financial situations, …such that they had to start
laying off health care workers. We all have seen reports of all kinds
of health care workers being laid off. That’s the exact opposite
of what you would expect… …with the biggest wordl health crisis
in a hundred years. So the hospitals basically were in this
precarious financial situation… …and then along comes this opportunity
to get reimbursed… …and protect their bottom line
and try to stay in business. Because I think actually bankruptcy is looming
for many of these facilities. So, when there is a financial incentive,
and hospitals are for profit businesses, …they see that as an opportunity and
they put pressure on their staff… …to follow this, they developed
protocols to make this happen. Hospitals typically develop various types of
protocols or clincial practice guide-lines… …and they’re often build
into these electronic health records. The doctors and practicionalrs working
in those hospitals feel a lot of pressure…

…to follow those guide lines.

And those guide lines are really created
to maximize revenue for the hospitals. This is sort of of business as usual
for the hospitals in a sense that they… …come up with strategies
to maximize their revenue. But in this case it seems to be
highly detremental…

…probably in other cases as well.

I want to go back to the vaccine.

You are saying that it might be used as a plan
to make us a genetically modified species, whatever. What do you think
they’re putting into this vaccine… and what is their agenda behind
putting potentially risky things in our body?

What do you imagine happening?

It’s hard to say what’s gonna be
in this vaccine… …other than some kind
of genetic material… …because they all
seem to be using that strategy.

But if we look at other vaccines,

…we find a myriad of things
that you’d say… …how the heck
did that get into a vaccine? What we see
– and they call these adjuvants – …and they say that somehow
help the vaccine work…

…but they don’t really explain this.

One that’s prevasive in all vaccines
is aluminum… …and typically in de form
of aluminum hydroxide. And we all know that aluminum
is highly toxic. In fact, they say that the reason
aluminum is required is…

…because it increases the antibody response.

They say it in that way,
but what they really mean is… …it’s so toxic it causes your body
to have a shock reaction… …that your immune system makes
extra antibodies because it’s so toxic.

And that’s what people don’t realize.

But in addition to that there are some vaccines
that also have mercury.

And we know how toxic that is, right?

One of the most toxic
non radio-active substances known. So why are they putting
these things in there? If it’s not healthy for the body why put
mercury in a vaccine, that’s what I want to know. Well, they say it’s as a preservative
that’s the stated reason.

But there are many other things in there.

They put polysorbate 80, for example,
which is a preservative that’s toxic… and this is also know to open up
the blood-brain barrier.

So, we have this system in our body…

…that keeps things seperate from our brain
and central nervous system… …called the blood-brain barrier and not
all substances can pass trough it. It’s a protective mechanism
for our brain and spinal cord. But polysorbate 80 actually opens that up
so that more things can get into the brain. I wonder if that actually may be an intention
of adding that ingredient.

But there are many, many other things.

There is free DNA from aborted fetal cells
that’s in many vaccines. There are several other chemicals
and these italian researchers who looked at… …almost every comercial available vaccine
a few years ago under the electron microscope, …they found all of these nano particles
made of various metals. And these were extremely unusual metals
to be in a vaccine. Things like tungston, really toxic metals
like antimony and lead. Looking at the results of this was kind of like
you need a periodic table there… …and you could point to almost everything
in the middle of that table…

…that they found in these vaccines.

But the manufacturers don’t explain
what all these ingredients are for. And they don’t even admit that they have
those nanometals in the vaccines. Those researchers when they called
the companies to say… …how did this get in there,
they were not given any information at all. This was every vaccine from different companies,
from every company that’s making vaccines. So, they’re putting al of this kind of stuff
in there and what we can see is… …that it is the cause of quite a lot
of disease in our society. Perhaps it’s just a way
to keep people debilitated and ill… …such that they can’t really rise up
or that they’re easier to control. And then there is this other aspect
about a transhumanist agenda. Transhumanism is the philosophy
of augmenting our human trades… …with some form of technology
by genetically modifying us, for example. That would be a clear example
of trying to do that… …because we don’t have foreign DNA
that we’re expressing naturally. If you do that to us you essentially
change something about our humanity… …and make us something
beyond human in a way. I think that this is a big strategy
that they are moving towards. Should anyone including the vulnerable and elderly
even be remotely concerned about this Covid-19?

I don’t believe so, no.

I think that we’ve basically faced the same exact
health concerns this year that we face every year. And if you’re an older person
and you have cronic illnesses… …like lung disease, heart disease, diabetis
you’re gonna be vulnerable to accute illnesses… …and we all are going to die, right,
the overall death rate is 1 per person.

There is no way to achieve immortality.

However, if you take effort
to improve your health… …by eating clean food, drinking clean water
and enough water, by doing some clensing… …to remove some of the many thousands
of toxins that we’re exposed to in our modern society… …then you’re gonna be able
to optimize your health… …and you’re gonna be much more resistant
to any kind of disease. Would you say that the humans
we need to just trust our body… …and let the body do
what the body is capable of doing? Our immune system is capable of overcoming
a lot of different diseases and illnesses… …so, should we put more trust in that
than we are putting right now in our vaccines. Absolutely! Our bodies have the ability
to heal from virtually any type of insult. But what I think
is missing from the narrative… …and it’s certainly completely missing
from main stream medicine… …is that we have to actually take care
of our body for it to be able to do that. We can’t rely on drugs or medicines
or even supplements to do that for us.

Everything we put into our body…

by the way, we don’t make a choice
about everythign we put in, …we have to breath the air
and there is a lot of polution in the air… …so, there are some things we can’t control
but many things we can control.

We can control what we put on our skin.

We can control what we put in our mouth.

And anything else that goes in our body
like obviously injections or other things like that. …that would enter our body
we have full control over. But if we continue to put poison
into our body… …then our body is
gonna be made of poison. The old saying that they told when you were a kid:
you are what you eat…

…is actually a 100 % true.

Where else would you get the materials
to build your body from?

It comes from what you put in it.

So, what we need to do is
look at what we’re putting in it. And if you’re eating food from a restaurant
or that comes out of a package from a grocery store…

…you’re eating poisons.

One of the most prevelant of those poisons
is glyphosate, which is Roundup, …and I think everybody has heard of that
a lot of people still put it on their lawn to kill weeds. Well, I’ll tell you that that is been classified
as a cancer causing agent by the WHO. And it’s in almost everything,
every processed food at all. It’s in Starbucks coffee drinks
it’s in Cheerios… …it’s in corn or anything that has
an ingredient processed out of GMO corn. So, if we look at that just one poison
we have a huge burden… …just by trusting the big food companies
and chain restaurants, eating their food. We’re putting this poison in our body
left and right. It’s not gonna be until we recognize that
and stop doing that… …that we are going to be able
to realize our full health potential… …and our bodies will be able
to repair themselves from that damage. Dr. Kaufman what would you say to those people
that might lable you as reckless… or irresponsible or even grandma killer
for promoting these ideas of… …no need to wear mask
no need to social distance… and don’t get this vaccine.
What do you say to those people? Well anyone who would resort to
that kind of name-calling… …that’s called an
ad hominem attack… and that indicates that they don’t have
any rational argument against what I’m saying.

I don’t want to tell anyone what to do.

I simply want to point out that I’ve looked
at this information in depth… …through the eyes of a scientist
and these are my conclusions. I want people out there
to do their own research. I want people to turn off, you know,
CNN and FOX and NBC and instead… …go to the CDC website and the
World Health Organization website… …and other places
and go to the scientific literature. Maybe you can’t read all of the details
but you can look at… …the discussion section of the article
and see what they say. For example, if you look at that for the papers
that have been published… …and there have been three or four papers
that claim to isolate this virus… …that none of those papers
in their conclusion section says…

…that this virus causes a disease.

They say it’s potentially associated with
the disease and that more investigation is needed. So if you just see that for yourself
then you can make your own mind up. I want people to be open
to looking at the discrepancies like… Why would they be laying off
health care workers?

Why would hospitals be empty?

Why do they have these
financial incentives to do this? Just ask the questions
and then decide for yourself… …what you think is the reason
don’t just trust me. I make decisions for myself and for my children
not for the general population out there. I think that you’re being pretty naive
if you’re just accepting… …what you’re told at face value
especially when some of the people… …making these policy decesions like Dr. Fauci
himself has said that this is a harmless disease. I absolutely love that message
because I really believe… …that people shouldn’t just be accepting
wat is told to them, they should go out…

…and find out some more information.

I love that, I think that everyone in the world
should do that just for themselves. Because these people that are promoting
these ideas might not have…

…the best health and interest for you!

You have to have your own health
into your own hands.

That’s right, think about it like…

Personally I have not followed
any of these rules. I have not locked down,
I have not social distanced. I mean, I don’t run up and get in people’s faces
but if they’re open to it…

I’m all about giving a hug.

I have not worn a mask.

I even got terminated from my job
for refusing to wear a mask. And I haven’t seen anybody been sick.
Not one person. So why the heck
are we asked to do all these things?

You just have to ask yourself…

based on your own experience in the world
and your observations, what is really going on? There will be tens of thousands of people
that watch this… …that might be hearing this information
for the first time. They might be a little thrown off or sceptical,
what would you say to these people? I know that a lot of what I’m saying
may be somewhat shocking… …and it’s also not something that I was
able to open myself up to immediately. I’m an M.D. so I was completely indoctrinated
about germ theory and viruses causing disease… …and practiced that way and that
vaccines are the miracle of modern medicine. It wasn’t until I started investigating
the research of those things… and I had to first be willing
to challenge those ideas. I know I delayed investigating vaccines
for quite a while…

…because my children were vaccinated.

And by the time I realized there may be something
not so right about vaccines… …I couldn’t reverse that and
I was like afraid to challenge it… …because I could think, well if they are bad
then what have I don to my own children? So, it was a process for me to be able to open up
to look at the scientific material… …which is the most objective way
to look at it. And once I did,
that’s when I realized that… …what we have been told about these things
is not true. That there was no research
to support vaccines. That, in fact, there was no research
to support germ theory. I realized it’s really difficult
to question these things… …because it’s our identity
that’s build upon them. Think about it as, when you’re a really
young child what do your parents say? They say stay away from Johnny
he’s sick. They say cover your mouth and nose
when you sneeze, you’re gonna spread germs. So this idea that we are spreading
illness to each other… …and that we’re dangerous to each other
comes in at the earliest stages of life. So, to now, in the face of this big crisis
to start to question is really, it’s a tall order. I think most people are just so afraid
of gettng sick themselves… …that they can’t really
think about these things. They’re just focused on survival, you know,
what’s immediately threatening to my life…

…how do I protect against that?

But if you’re able to consider
looking into something objectively… …even if you go into it the opposite way,
trying to prove that it is true, …like, I’m gonna find the scientific evidence
that there is a virus, that it is causing disease. So, go for it that way, you know,
try to prove that I’m wrong. But when you look at that
be open to the information… …that you get from reading that paper
or that article or looking at those statistics. And just think about what it means,
does it prove one point or the other?

And then that will help you decide.

If you’re not willing to do that
then I don’t think there’s really anything… …that I can say
that’s gonna help the situation. But I do hope that you become open
to questioning things soon… …before it’s too late
because it’s pretty clear… …that there’s gonna be more and more
authoritarian control over us… …that’s gonna be attempted
to put in place… …and that is not
how I want to live in my future. Something that even I
have a hard time grasping… …and I know a lot of viewers
will have a hard time grasping, is… …why would someone
intentionally harm humanity? I wanna believe that people are loving
and that they want the best for people. But what you’re saying is these people
are intentionally putting toxins in our body.

Why are they doing this?

I do fully believe that our true nature
as human beings is not to harm each other.

We tend to cooperate with each other, right?

I mean, when you see a stranger who’s lost
and they ask for directions you give them directions.

This is what happens 99 out of a 100 times.

I mean, look how this interview got set up.

You called me up out of the blue
or you emailed me, a total stranger… …and I got a sense
that you had good intentions… …and I wanted to help you
and so we talked… …and I am volunteering my time
to help with this project…

…and get this message out.

I’m not getting payed for any of this
I’m just doing this because it’s important.

And I want to help fellow human beings.

But people who are in control
of this situation… …are not your average human beings,
they have different motives and goals. All one has to do is look at history to see
that governments ond other people in power…

…have acted in many psychopathic ways.

There is even a word: democide, which means
that the government is killing its own people. And we’ve seen this play out
in so many countries… in the russian revolution, in communist China
in Cambodia, in Armenia…

I mean, it’s over and over again in history.

So, we need to look at these examples
to realize that this can easily happen… …in modern times, it’s not very long ago
that there are recent examples of this. And if we don’t learn from that
and see the signs… I’m not sure if it was Hitler or not
but one dictator such… said that the way to implement
full control over a population… …is by taking away freedoms
a little bit at the time. And that’s what we have seen happen
in our country… …because we have lost freedoms
through the patriot act… …and most recently we have lost
major freedoms…

…our freedom of assembly, right?

We’re not allowed to congregate
in a church or in a stadium or at a concert.

We have lost our freedom of travel.

We have lost, in some respects,
freedom of the press and speech…

…with internet censorship.

And freedom of religion, since we cannot
attend the holy places were go and worship. This should be
very, very concerning to people… …that these rights
are being taken away… …and there needs to be something
extreme to balance that out. But people have just gone along
with this voluntarily… …and made it very easy
for the people in charge. If you look at
the contact tracing strategy…

…you can see where this is going.

Because they initially told us that
oh, they just want to make sure… …that we are not exposed to the virus
and then boom, almost right away… …when we have these riot situations
they anounce… oh, we’re gonna use contact tracing
to find these agent provocateurs…

…that are causing trouble in the riots.

So they’re gonna use it for everything
to spy on us and follow our every move. It’s pretty clear that
that’s where things are going. I definitely see that the media
their part of it is to exaggerate the fear. And I’ve heard many people,
many doctors come out and say… …fear is a great way
to control people. So what you’re saying
makes complete sense.


One question I would ask you is
why aren’t more doctors like yourself… — because this makes complete sense —
coming out and talking about this… …because if this is our livelyhood
if this is our children’s livelyhood… …if this is our life,
why aren’t they shouting it from the roof tops?

Like, yo, they’re trying to harm us right now!

Why are they being silenced?
Why don’t they speak more about it? I think most doctors are also in this
kind of indoctrinated state… …where they’re not really able
to question things. But I’ll tell you any doctor
that’s working on the front lines… …they must know that
there aren’t many people sick. A lot more of them are coming out
like, for example, …Dr. Buttar was on a panel
on London Real and they had… …over a hundred physisians
who all really agreed… …with most of the points
that I have made during this interview. And there certainly are other people
that have come out…

…but there is a huge risk for them.

They’re worried that they’re
gonna loose their livelyhood. – Like you did.
– Yeah. I’m very lucky that I was able to
find another way. But, you know, I’ve been
preparing for this for years…

…to transition out of medicine.

It was before I was fully ready
but I still really had a backup plan… …but if I was just a full 100 %
regular alopathic doctor… …I would be like,
what the heck am I gonna do? I’ve got 250.000 $ in student loans,
I’ve got a morgage…

I’ve got private school tuition.

If I’m fired from my doctor job
that’s it! My wife is gonna leave me.
My kids are gonna be in public schools. I’m gonna be unemployed
what am I gonna do? This is some really scary stuff
and it’s just too much to overcome. There is even one doctor who
started questioning things early on… …and even got in trouble with
his hospital administrator for… …mentioning that the hospital
is empty. He went through this process of studying
about viruses and germ theory intensely… …and learned a ton now, I’d say this guy
is as much of an expert on the topic as I am now… …but he’s just not quite ready
to come out publicly…

…and speak publicly about it…

…because his family
is really hesitant about it… …he feels like,
what am I gonna do after that? But I’ll tell you that
the way things are going… …there’s gonna be no regular return
to business as a doctor or any other profession. There’s gonna come a point
where people realize…

…that there’s really nothing left to risk.

And I hope that more and more people
are going to speak out. There have been so many already
but they’re not getting covered…

…on those main stream media networks.

Even though there are hundreds of them
most of the people don’t even know it. Dr. Kaufman I just want to say
that I really, really appreciate… …you being willing to just
stick with what you think is true… …and not be afraid to even loose your job
or not to be afraid to speak out against it. Thank you for speaking your truth.
Thank you. Well, I really appreciate this opportunity
to get the message out. – Can I shake your hand?
– Please do. – Can I even hug you?
– I would love that! – Dr. Kaufman, I appreciate it so much.
– So welcome Marshall. We’re definitely going to get
this information out there.

And you made some amazing points.

I can’t wait for people
to at least just… …if nothing else
at least take it in, like you were saying. Have the courage for yourself
and your own health… …to just like,
ok I’m gonna listen to this. They can push it aside, but at least
you can make your own decisions…

…not just accept what’s going on.

Yeah, that’s all we can ask

Listen if we had a culture where
people educated themselves…

and made their own decisions…

it would be a lot different
and a lot better, a lot freer. I respect and I admire you
so much for being willing and open… to listen to the perspective
that dr. Kaufman has. I have the utmost respect for you
because that’s all that we can do, right? We can try to understand
each other’s perspectives… …and where each other is coming from
without any hate…

…or without any automatic dismissing.

And as far as my perspective goes,

…I think dr. Kaufman has
some very, very good points. I am not fully there
on everything that he says…

,,,but I’m there on a lot of things.

Look, all I know is that in my gut
something just doesn’t feel right with Covid-19. I’m looking more into it,
I’m researching, I’m educating myself… …but I know something is off,
that’s where I’m at right now. Now, I know a lot of you
are going to be completely confused… …or off put by the information
presented in this video… …because, “hang on a minute,
this is not what MSM was telling me.”

“So what’s going on here?”

And some of you may completely disagree
and maybe want to be angry in the comments,

…like, hey this isn’t right!

But let’s have a respectful
discussion in the comments.

Let’s try to understand each other.

Let’s not put any hate in the comments
or any arguments. Let’s just simply be kind and loving
and understanding. Please share this video
with your family and your friends.

Not because you fully believe it…

…but because you want them
to be informed on this perspective. [ subtitles with ♥ ][ www.Europa.is ] Original description

Dr. Andrew Kaufman lost his job recently because he refused to conform to the ideas that he didn’t think were true about COVID-19. I sit down with Dr. Kaufman to discuss his perspective on what he thinks is actually going on with this current pandemic…

Remember- Don’t believe a word that Dr. Kaufman says- Do your own research and go with what feels right to you.

Video by Marshall Hodge




Video censored from TheirTube, now on D.Tube

Dr. Andrew Kaufman M.D. website

Some references for further research
(it would have been nice if the video itself had given some, to be more sure they are the right ones)

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