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Full post example and explanation

This header is Heading 3 size

(article written with full blog post)

For the the essential text options, please, see simple blog post example and explanation.

New BLOG Post – Full gives you additonal options for:

  • Text editing
  • Images
  • Tags
  • Excerpt

Extra text editing options

The two most useful extra text options are:

  1. Headings (from the drop down box)
    Headings for your content blocks choosing different sizes. On this web we mostly use “Heading 3” size like above.
  2. Text colour
    If you want to call extra attention to specific words or parts of your text. Don’t use this too much though, because then the contents becomes chaotic.


The most important difference is the possibility to add images to your content in between your text, like the images on this page. Just click the Insert Photo button and you can choose an image from your smartphone or desktop. It will appear where your cursor is at that moment.

It will place a reduced version of the image in your content, but when you click on it, it will open in a Lightbox, full screen or the original size of the image if it’s smaller.

Links and videos

Remember that links image or a video will also open in the same lightbox. You can also place a video directly in the content by just including its address or URL (youtube, vimeo).


You can add tags to organize your post by categories, names or any kind of reference you want.

This is it for the moment.
Just go and try. If there is something not explained (well), please let us know and we will add or improve.

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