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Create a post – help

Hi, and thank you for participating 🙂

Introduction and explanation
Europa·is a platform at your disposal to create a blog for yourself or for a group. We have kept it as simple as possible, but flexible at the same time. If you are ready let’s begin.
A remark on languages when you create your post in english (from within the english version of the web) then the post can be seen in all other languages too. If you create in another languages it can only be seen in that language. 

Create simple post, the easy way to start:
just a Title , one image and Text content. Good for a quick note.
This is the input screen:

Post title
This is the title of your post/page/article
it will also create the internet address or URL, like this:
You can always change the title afterwards, but this URL will stay the same.

Featured Image
This will be the image in the header of your post.
And also the image that appears when sharing on social media.

Post content
The actual content of your post/page/article…
Options for content text (with the buttons – on computer also with keyboard shortcuts):

  • bold (ctrl+b),
  • italic (ctrl+i),
  • underline(ctrl+u)
  • striketrhough (shift+alt+d)
  • or any combination

As you see you can make:

  1. Bulleted lists (above | shift+alt+u)
  2. Numbered lists (this | shift+alt+o)

To put a link to a text you select the text and you click the link button or Ctrl+K  
A field will appear where you can includ the link.
You can link to another web page, but also to an image or a video. These will open in a “pop-up window” or “lightbox”

You can align paragraphs:

left (shift+alt+l)

center (shift+alt+c)

right (shift+alt+r)


This is a “blockquote” (shift+alt+q)

I never saw any sense in it but it’s always there…


Horizontal line

When you’re done writing you click [ Create POST ].
Your post is saved and you will jump there to see how it appears for the public.


if you want more options then you want to

Create a full post

This gives you additonal options:

  • Tags for better organization
  • More text options
  • Images within the content
  • Excerpt, short summary of your content, specially useful for search enginges.


You can use them to organize your post by categories, names or references you want.  Seperate different tags by comas: tag1, tag2, tag of more words, tag4… (don’t use more than five or six)

Extra text editing options

The two most useful extra options are:

  1. Headings (from the drop down box) Headings for your content blocks choosing different sizes. On this web we mostly use “Heading 3” size like above.
  2. Text colour If you want to call extra attention to specific words or parts of your text. Don’t use this too much though, because then the content becomes chaotic.


You now can also include images within the content text.

As an illustration or just to make your post more lively.

When the visitor clicks an image it opens in a full screen pop-up window (lightbox). If there are more images you can scroll through them in that same window (gallery function). If you have a link to a video in the text it will also appear in that same “lightbox”.

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