VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (CDC-USA)

Screenshots included: US 12/2020, 01/2021 and Foreign
VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (CDC-USA)
VAERS – Sistema de notificación de acontecimientos adversos relacionados con las vacunas (CDC-USA)

So at VAERS you can do a search on all reported “adverse events”** that people had, after receiving a vaccine. The video explains how to do the search for Covid adverse events. We did it too (2021/01/29) and made some screenshots of the results, here included (2020 Dec. US, 2021 Jan US, Dec + Jan Foreign).

** take in account that:
according to the video only 1% of all cases are actually reported there!
“advers events” is the ‘politically correct’ eufemism for essentially collateral vaccine damage and even deaths.

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Some screenshots (for real size open “FULL” link in a new tab)

2020 december US (FULL screenshot)

2021 January US (FULL screenshot)

2020 dec + 2021 jan Foreign (FULL)

one specific case




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Posted on 29/01/2021

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