Fridays For Future Milano – Francesco

Francesco explains why he is with Fridays For Future

We’re in the year 2019.

According to the IPCC report
we have 11 years…

…according to the latest scientific investigations
we have much less.

We have the duty to act to save the Earth.

….to save our home, nature, ourselves.

We (wo)men are nothing else
than part of nature.

It’s increcible how indifference
reigns supreme throughout our society…

…based on oil, on financial markets,
on money…

…which doesn’t have anything to do
with what we are in reality.

And that’s why it’s necessary
and fundamental that all of us…

…get out on the street
to make our voice heard.

The voice of (wo)men, of human beings,
homo sapiens sapiens for real!

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Posted on 14/01/2020

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