Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: “The Coronavirus epidemic that we allegedly are having right now”

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In 2009 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic for the first time in it’s 40 year’s existence for the swine flu, the N1H1 virus, started in Mexico

  • In the end the N1H1 virus caused fewer deaths than seasonal flu.
  • The pandemic turned out to be unfounded.
  • Countries had spent hundreds of millions in buying vaccines they hardly used.
  • The WHO admitted “mea culpa” but no crimes were established.

Wolfgang Wodarg was Chairman of European Health Commission in that period

Since 2009 he denounces a counterfeit pandemic
European Parliament to Investigate WHO and “Pandemic” Scandal
– European hearing airs WHO pandemic response, critics’ charges
Dr Ulrich Keil, a chronic disease expert who formerly worked at the WHO Collaborating Center for Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular and Other Chronic Disease at Germany’s University of Munster, who sat on today’s panel, said he believes the WHO and government have misdirected public health expenditures toward threats that never panned out, such as SARS, H5N1 avian influenza, and the current H1N1 flu.A malignant crisis that is entirely driven by misinformation: Stefan Noordhoek en Wolfgang Wodarg
Book: Pharmageddon
– Book: Korrupt? Wie unsere Politiker und Parteien sich bereichern – und uns verkaufen


(resumed highlights from: 2009 N1H1 pandemic was unfounded. Same for 2020 Covid19-Corona virus? video)

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Original description In 2009 the WHO declared a pandemic for the first time ever, for the N1H1 virus or swine flu. Declaring the pandemic triggered the obligation by contract for all countries to buy millions of vaccines, paying billions of Euros to pharmaceutical companies, making it their “deal of the century”.
Later, the pandemic turned out to be unfounded, N1H1 produced less victims than an ordinary flu and hardly anyone took the vaccine, not even the people from the WHO who voted to declare the pandemic.
Could the same be happening with the 2020 Covid 19 / Corona virus pandemic, but then even on a greater scale? original video found at D.tube
https://d.tube/#!/v/dragondefuego11/Qmb6W5i3uXjsccYDg8nKaHLjXJSEyTsaq5okH9RCqcx14G More…

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