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FFF Milano “in Piazza” – week 54

Our christmas wishes of 2019 under the christmas tree in the famous Galleria di Milano. This day FFF Milano met Norway and China.

FFF Milano “in Piazza” – week 55

The last friday of 2019! We had visitors from le Marche and Piacenza.

FFF Milano “in Piazza” – week 53, ONE YEAR!

FFF Milano celebrates it's first birthday! With a flashmob coreography on Staying Alive.

FFF Milano “in Piazza” – week 52

This was a busy and international friday. In the morning FFF Milano meets Sevilla (♥), China, Finland, Egypt, Paris and Bosnia-Herzegovina allowing for many meet...

FFF Milano “in Piazza” – week 51

Global Climate Strike 4! Reinforcing awareness for the COP 25 climate summit in Madrid. Greta Thunberg and Shari Crespi (FFF Spain) were there.

FFF Milano “in Piazza” – week 50

Week 50- FFF Milano meets Kazachstan, Lahore (Pakistan), St. Petersburg (Russia), Abbiategrasso (MI) and Milano (2x)! 🙂

FFF Milano “in Piazza” – week 42

Global Climate Strike 3! Milano: 200.000 people out on the streets - Italia: one million! Planet Earth: 7 million - 0,1% of global population! The...

FFF Milano “in Piazza” – week 49

This was week 50 for Sarah Marder who brought FFF Milano into life. Thank you Sarah! On this special day we met people from Bolivia...

FFF Milano “in Piazza” – week 48

It was quite rainy (not very nice, but alas) this day. We met a few people, but didn't get their names or even pictures, except...

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