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FFF Milano in Piazza – week 77 the global bush fires

Week 77 (-16) – 2020/02/07 | full FFF Milano “in Piazza” Timeline

Questo venerdì presentiamo un solo tema, “gli incendi”, che ci sono stati (e che ci sono tutt’ora) nel mondo. Per far capire che non è una mera metafora quel “Our house is on fire” detto da Greta Thunberg o l’atto finale di Fridays For Future Milano in Piazza Duomo, alla fine del terzo Sciopero Globale per il Clima, il 27 di Settembre 2020.

Al globo in piazza applicaremo dei “fuochi” di carta rossa ritagliati (10 cm di altezza ca) là dove ci sono state le varie devastazioni (naturalmente senza danneggino il globo che verrà ripulito quando andiamo via).

Ci prepariamo a parlare e condividere con i transeunti di tutto ciò che ruota intorno all’argomento:

  • la produzione di olio di palma;
  • la deforestazione per creare campi coltivabili;
  • il co2;
  • la perdita di ecosistemi…



Fridays For Future Milanoin Piazza” every single friday since 14 December 2018!
– on PIazza della Scala in front of the Palazzo Marino City Hall of Milano
– generally from 12:30 – 14:00.
We will be happy to meet and greet you in piazza! 🙂 ♥


Australia bushfires

Two Brittish news media giving the information in opposite but both totally the wrong way.

The map is not misleading. As the artist/author of the map himself indicates, it is not the image of just one certain day but the accumulation of a month of bushfires all over Australia. But who cares? In geological context and time (millions of years), a month is practically the same (as little) as a day. It’s only we humans that are obsessed with such irrelevant time settings. It’s like saying that fires at night don’t count, because that’s when WE are asleep…
It’s not about whether or not the map is (politcally?) ‘correct’ to Homo Industrialis’ standards, it’s about the fact that Homo Industrialis is breaking down the natural system of the earth. Isn’t it?
“But it is actually artist Anthony Hearsey’s visualisation of one month of data of locations where fire was detected, collected by Nasa’s Fire Information for Resource Management System.”
Most probably they know but they just don’t want to upset the establishment (themselves) and specially avoid any possibility of panic amongst the masses (just imagine if!).
(sorry couldn’t avoid reacting to the typical british BBC insensitive overmoderation of the fact that a whole continent is burning down)

And on the other hand…
The SUN as always with their sadly forced spectacularish heading, not because they want to create awareness, but because they want to draw attention and just sell more newspapers…


The rest seems to follow one or another of these schemes…


Amazon bushfires



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