Big TV and Big Newspaper always in favor of Big Industry, how come?

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Transcript of video And yet, the studies of all main stream newspapers,
as you say, refer to… …are somehow always all in favor of
the manufacturer (the industry), why? Well, because, obviously, we are talking about
a situation of power here, that is unequal. We know that the media, in some way,
are always financed directly or indirectly… through the commercials etc.
by the industry And rhen there are journalists,
who go straight “by the coin”, …who have close relationships
with industry… …and they’re ready to write an article
whenever an occasion comes up.

An article in favor of industry obviously.

In fact, I’d bet my reputation on it…

…that in the near future
there will be no televised debate… …on an equal footing
between the pros and cons. What we should see is a confrontation
between scientists, in an open dialogue, …and from that
mature our conclusions. Instead, we will only and exclusively
be hearing the voice of the industry. And if some case
a more critical scientist is invited… …surely he will face a firing squad
more than a debate,

…that is, four or five adversaries…

…who won’t let him speak
or allow to express himself. And who, during the confrontation, will
be filmed by the cameramen while smiling… …and kind of make fun of
the unfortunate scientist who faces them.

Just like we said, among other things,

…in the video “The ministry of truth”,
that you subscribed by the way, …we said,
you will never see on television… because among the biggest financiers of
television, in other words advertising, …we find precisely the phone companies
and pharmaceutical companies… … you will in fact never see
a real real debate… …either on vaccine safety,
or on the safety of 5G. At best, we said,
they will have fake debates… …in which they put the
opposite voice in the minority… …precisely to underline among the public
the idea that they are wrong. [ subtitles with ♥ ][ ] Original description

Intervista a Marco Pizzuti, autore del libro “Dossier 5G”. Che cos’è il 5G, quali innovazioni promette, quali sono i rischi, chi stabilisce i parametri di sicurezza di questa nuova tecnologia? (Trasmessa da il 10 giugno 2020)

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