Ecocide is a crime

Ecocide is the destruction of nature and the earth. Polly Higgins explains why Ecocide should be made an international crime at the International Criminal Court.

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What is Ecocide and why Stop it?

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ECOCIDE is the serious loss, damage or destruction of ecosystems, and includes climate and cultural damage.
StopEcocide believes ECOCIDE should be recognised as an atrocity crime at the International Criminal Court in The Hague – alongside Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

Any member state, however small, can propose an amendment to the International Criminal Court’s governing document, the Rome Statute. Once tabled, it cannot be vetoed.
When two thirds of ICC members sign up to it, it becomes law.

A criminal law prevents investors from backing ecocidal practices, and insurers from underwriting them. Persons of superior responsibility – CEOs and government ministers – become individually criminally responsible for ecocide which they recklessly cause or contribute to (eg by engaging in ecocidal practices or issuing permits for them).

Those with the greatest incentive – small island nations at the frontline of climate breakdown
already have the power to propose this amendment.  All they require is:

  • expert legal support and practical assistance… which we can provide.
  • the safety of public support and visibility… which you can provide.

By becoming an Earth Protector, you’re supporting both these things.

Become an Earth Protector now.

(copied from StopEcocide‘s web)


WHO IS StopEcocide?

We are Ecological Defence Integrity, a small UK non-profit founded in Stroud by legal pioneer Polly Higgins, working with a team of top international criminal lawyers and evidence experts. We are already preparing a test prosecution case against one of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies (Shell), and we are already working with Pacific small island (Great Ocean) states.

Want to read up on all this? See more at our information portal on Ecocide Law.

(copied from StopEcocide‘s web)


How does StopEcocide work?

StopEcocide basically works at two levels, the highest and the lowest. Roughly explained:

  • at the highest level StopEcocide wants to establish an internationally recognized law that criminalizes Ecocide. Large companies, and specially the persons who are responsible, don’t suffer real legal consequences in case they destroy the earth and they cannot really be stopped. With Ecocide law in place they CAN be prosecuted and stopped. Polly Higgins herself explaines it very clearly in this video.
  • at the lowest level StopEcocide seeks to legally support those people who are in the front lines of ecological activism run the risk of being arrested.  More detailed information under StopEcocide’s FAQ (I’m an activist standing up against ecocide – does becoming an Earth Protector help me?)



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(Should destruction of the earth become punishable?
With an ecocide law, The Hague can become the international center of peace, justice and climate protection.)





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