2) Stop Ecocide – Change the Law! Polly Higgins.

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Across the world,
earth protectors are being arrested.

Something is seriously wrong!

Our scales of justice have been overthrown.

Government and corporate individuals
are recklessly disregarding…

their ecological and climate responsibilities.

As a lawyer
I know there is a missing crime.

To criminalize serious harm to our Earth
is to make ecocide a crime.

It is a crime that shall protect communities
from the worst excesses…

of ecological and climate ecocide.

Putting this crime in place
is a game-changer on a global scale,

and it will take all those who care
to make it happen.

As a lawyer I have spent years
mastering my brief…

“How can we best safeguard our earth?”

Now I have created
an Earth Protectors Trust Fund.

Make no mistake,
what I am proposing is unprecedented!

And now I know how we can do it.

Together we can protect
the frontline communities…

by becoming global, legal Trustees
and protectors of our Earth.

We can bypass national laws
and take the fast track.

Ours is a new Life Force,
one based on conscience and justice.

You can sign up
from anywhere in the world.

To fund the law we want.

To protect our earth and our communities.

The document I hold in my hand…

carries the potential
to disrupt for good the cycle of harm.

When those who care unite as protectors,
ecocide will become a crime!

This is Mission LifeForce.

Our mission has begun.




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Posted on 03/02/2020

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