It all began when Greta Thunberg, 15 years old, started protesting outside the Swedish Riksdag (parliament) during the weeks before the Swedish elections in August 2018, with a sign that read “Skolstrejk för klimatet” or “School strike for climate”. Since then Climate Emergency became a growing issue in global politics and media. Finally!
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Fridays For Future climate movement

After the elections Greta continued her strike every Friday. This protest went viral and was picked up by millions of young people all over the world who now strike every Friday for their Future, meaning they want to live on a healthy Planet with healthy Climate and healthy Nature.

Now Fridays For Future (#FFF) is a global movement with presence in every major and many smaller cities of the Planet.

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What does Fridays For Future want?

Basically there are only two things that Fridays For Future asks from governments, politicians, the media, journalists, business leaders and other people in power or with influence in the world:

  1. Recognize the scientific facts as exposed by the IPCC report, with special attention for page 108, chapter 2.
  2. Comply with the Paris agreement at least.

In essence this means:

  • reduce human CO2 emissions to zero as soon as possible as well as of other greenhouse gases
  • stop all use of fossile fuels and its derivates: coal, gas, oil and plastics
  • reduce air travel, meat consumption, “fast fashion”
  • abandon “business as usual” and bring about a full global system change that puts Planet & People in the first place instead Money & Markets


The Climate and Environmental Crisis is global, so the strikes are too.
The Climate and Environmental Crisis is persistent, so the strikes are too.

Next Global Climate Strike: expected, spring 2020

Former Global Climate Strikes and other key dates:



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