Waarom? Redelijke twijfel.

Waarom? Redelijke twijfel.

Waarom zou de WHO een valse pandemie afkondigen en een “Nieuw Normaal” opleggen in afwachting van vaccins als een veronderstelde wonderoplossing voor een probleem dat misschien niet eens werkelijk bestaat? En hoe komt het dat grote bedrijven en regeringen alleen deze eenzijdige tunnelvisie accepteren en ondersteunen?
Er zijn veel artsen en mensen met andere meningen en andere argumenten. Maar in plaats van open en evenwichtige debatten toe te staan, kiezen MSM en de meeste overheden ervoor om ze te censureren en ze te markeren als “samenzweringstheorieën”. WAAROM?

Redelijke twijfelWHO, wie? – Pandemie? – Vaccins? – Nieuw Normaal? – Waarom?

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How come Main Stream Media is always in favour of Big Industry?


Plandemic 1 – Dr. Judy Mikovitz (subs IT)
may 2020

Judy Mikovitz was a very renown and celebrated Dr. in the US, until she made a discovery that conflicted with the agreed upon narrative. And for that ‘they’ did everything in their power to destroy her life. Since then she has been disqualified and even put in jail without any formal accusation.
Judy worked with Luc Montagnier in the discovery of the HIV virus and explains how, several decades ago, Dr. Fauci amongst others was involved in purposely delaying essential information to combat AIDS which “literally led to spreading the virus around, killing millions”.
Indeed, the same Dr. Fauci who now leads the US, and through the WHO also the global, policy on the Covid-19 Crisis.

Plandemic 2 – INDOCTORNATION, Dr. Judy Mikovitz (subs ES)
august 2020

You can also see Plandemic II by parts

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Guided by the meticulous work of Dr. David E. Martin, Plandemic II: Indoctornation, tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID 19 pandemic. David Martin is the creator of the world’s first quantitative public equity index – the CNBC IQ100. He served as Chair of Economic Innovation for the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and has served as an advisor to numerous Central Banks, global economic forums, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, and national governments. Dr. Martin has pioneered global programs to bring corporate and stock market transparency to multi-national extractive industries and has been instrumental in bringing the world’s largest white-collar criminals to justice.

Meet Bill Gates (EN►EN/ES/IT/NL…)

The question of who Bill Gates really is is no mere philosophical pursuit. This video attempts to answer that question as esamining the motives, the ideology, and the connections of this man who has been so instrumental in shaping the post-coronavirus world.

Redelijke twijfelWHO, wie? – Pandemie? – Vaccins? – Nieuw Normaal? – Waarom?


Periodista explica el porqué de la falsa pandemia y quiénes están detrás.(ES)

La visión de Cristina Martín Jiménez autora de “la Verdad de la Pandemia” (ES)

Brillante análisis de la falsa pandemia, por Liu Suria (20-ago-2020) (ES)

Pandemic or Strategy? Causes, effects, perspectives and solutions. (IT)

Leonardo Leone interviews the Magistrate Angelo Giogianni of the Association for the Freedom of Citizens L’Eretico, the Virologist Dr. Maria Rita Gismondo del Sacco di Milano and Dr. Massimo Citro trying to shed light on possible falsehoods of the Corona Crisis.

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