The WHO declared pandemic for Covid-19

At present, the world is in a caos. On a medical, economic and social level. All because the WHO declared a “pandemic” because of the aledged Covid-19 outbreak, due to the aledged new SARS-Cov 2 virus, which. These pushed the governments of practically all countries in the world to extreme health and safety measurements. The spread of this aledged pandemic is based only on PCR-test results.

The Covid-19 pandemic is based only on results of the PCR test

The PCR test takes only one or two tiny references of the aledged virus and if it finds these references you are supposed to be ‘positive’. It doesn’t matter that these same references may come from an origin that is not the SARS-CoV 2 virus at all, but nor the WHO nor the governments seem to care.
To be able to ‘see’ these references, the PCR test has to do amplification cycles. These cycles may be reliable up to 30 times. However for Covid-19 testing from 40 to 45 cycles are used, wich can lead to up to 95% of false positive PCR results. The WHO and the governments do not seem to care about this either.

The PCR test was never meant to be a diagnostic tool

As the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis himself, said: if you do it well,  with the PCR-test you can find anything in anyone, meaning that you can always get a postive result if you ‘do your best’. Unfortunately Kary Mullis unexpectedly died only some months before the Covid-19 outbreak so we never know what he himself would think about the use of his test as a diagnostic tool. In any case many other virologists agree that PCR cannot be trusted for this job and cannot be the base to declare a pandemic.

Citizens and professionals fed up with unanswered questions and incoherent policies

It took some time before enough citizens and professionals could draw their own valid conclusion regarding the outbreak, because information was held back by the authorities through secretism and censorship. Now that information is spreading in spite of that, more and more people are questioning the extreme health and social measures.

Reasonable doubtWHO? – Pandemic? – Vaccines? – New Normal? – WHY? – Enough!

Is there a Corona-pandemic or is there only a PCR-test pandemic?


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