Carl Sagan’s message for humanity – 1980 (EN►EN/ES/IT/NL)

Carl Sagan’s message for humanity – 1980

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Video transcription

Those worlds in space
are as countless

as all the grains of sand
on all the beaches of the Earth.

Each of those worlds is as real as ours.

In every one of them,
there’s a succession of

incidents, events, occurrences
which influence its future

Countless worlds,
numberless moments,

an immensity of space and time.

And our small planet, at this moment,

here we face a critical branch-point in history.

What we do with our world,
right now,

will propagate down through the centuries

and powerfully affect
the destiny of our descendants.

It is well within our power
to destroy our civilization,

and perhaps our species as well.

If we capitulate to superstition,
or greed, or stupidity

we can plunge our world into a darkness,
deeper than the time between

the collapse of classical civilization
and the Italian Renaissance.

But, we are also capable of using
our compassion and our intelligence,

our technology and our wealth,

to make an abundant and meaningful life
for every inhabitant of this planet.

To enhance enormously our understanding of the Universe,

and to carry us to the stars.

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Posted on 04/02/2020

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