Je bekijkt nu FFF Milano in Piazza – week 74 (-16)

FFF Milano in Piazza – week 74 (-16)

Week 74 (-16) – 2020/01/17 | full FFF Milano “in Piazza” Timeline
This Friday, Flashmob! Against the open doors of the shops in winter-time. For two important reasons.
1) It leads to unnecessary waste of energy.
2) It has no other goal than to just stimulate consumerism, sell more and increase profit.
We happened to meet an aborigal man, thanks to the flag we carried, because in the afternoon there was also a demonstration at the Australian consulate to protest against the politically chosen complete in-action against the bush fires and the irresponsible denial of Climate Crisis.


Fridays For Future Milanoin Piazza” every single friday since 14 December 2018!
– in front of the Palazzo Marino City Hall of Milano on PIazza della Scala
– generally from 12:30 – 14:00.
We will be happy to meet and greet you in piazza! 🙂

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